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For Faculty:

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Guide - The content of this document is presented to assist Fairleigh Dickinson University's faculty with Student Learning Outcomes Assessment. This is a working document. Refer to for updates as well as additional information.

Professional Enrichment and Development Program - This document describes a proposal for a Professional Enrichment and Development Program advanced by the Student Development Committee and endorsed by the CEPC at its last meeting of the AY 2009/2010. The main objectives of the program are: (1) to enhance the readiness of Silberman College of Business undergraduate students to succeed as business professionals upon graduation; (2) to foster the development in our students of a set of skills, capabilities and knowledge essential for success upon graduation that complement the academic and technical foundation provided through the curriculum; (3) to build students’ confidence and maturity as they transition from the role of students to that of professionals; (4) to enable our students to benefit from the University’s co-curricular resources and opportunities for professional enrichment and development; and (5) to enhance the overall quality of SCB undergraduate students’ experience.

For Students:

Internship Information for Students & Employers - This contains an internship requirements checklist for students and employers. The document answers frequently asked questions about internships and provides employers information on the process how to obtain an intern.

Academic Integrity Policy 2015 - Students enrolled at Fairleigh Dickinson University are expected to maintain the highest standards of academic honesty. Students have the responsibility to each other to make known the existence of academic dishonesty to their course instructor, and then, if necessary, the department chair, or the academic dean of their college. Download the complete policy on academic integrity as of January 2015.

The New 21 Credit for Marketing and Entrepreneurship Majors - Required courses for Marketing and Entrepreneurship majors have changed. Download here to learn more.