Department of Economics, Finance and International Business

Message From the Chair

The economy has always had a major effect on our lives, but the public interest in economics is a more recent phenomenon, fueled in part by the Internet and instant access to the stock market. Economic news is now front-page news and the topic of best-selling books. It affects our jobs, our mortgage rates and interest rates, our investments and our ability to purchase goods.

Financial concerns are another part of nearly all organizational decisions, whether the organization is a business firm, non-profit organization or government. For that reason, financial executives are of central important to overall planning and control. Even non-financial executives must know enough finance to effectively oversee financial concerns within their areas of expertise.

In addition, as a consequence of the high rate of global integration and increasing levels of political instability worldwide, it is imperative that firms hire knowledgeable professionals who are able to navigate the complex global economic landscape if they are to prosper.

Faculty Credentials

Members of Fairleigh Dickinson University's finance faculty have outstanding academic credentials and are also very active professionally within the field. The faculty has published prolifically in academic and professional journals across the spectrum of financial and economic issues. Some members of the faculty have also written textbooks on topics of their special interests. Research articles have appeared in:

The Journal of Finance
    Justifiably the most authoritative academic journal in the finance discipline.
    Publishes prize-winning articles by Nobel laureates in economic sciences.
Financial Review
Journal of Real Estate, Finance, and Economics
Journal of Financial Planning
Journal of Financial Education
Managerial Finance
Journal of Economic Perspectives

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Graduate Assistant Positions

Karen C. Denning, Ph.D.
Chair of Department of Economics, Finance and International Business