Management Newsletter Archive

The Newsletter of the Management Department contains news about upcoming events, advice on which classes to take, profiles of students, faculty, potential employers, and alumni; news about student clubs, career opportunities, and updates on the service-learning projects our students are involved in. This new communication channel will help you to be more aware of what we have to offer, and will help make your experience at FDU a more engaged and enjoyable one.

The newsletter is published in the Fall each year, so please check back regularly. Click the link below to see our newsletter online.

Fall 2016, Volume 10

Fall 2015, Volume 9

Fall 2014, Volume 8

Fall 2013, Volume 7

October 2012, Volume 6

October 2011, Volume 5

October 2010, Volume 4

October 2009, Volume 3

October 2008, Volume 2

March/April 2008, Volume 1