Business Ventures MBA Capstone Course

Business Ventures Strategy and Development

Are you seeking a fresh perspective to strategically move your company to the next level ?

Our MBA candidates are specialists in seeking entrepreneurial solutions. Each semester advanced Fairleigh Dickinson University’s MBA students partner with New Jersey based ventures to tackle complex business situations and provide novel perspectives to companies using comprehensive business model and strategic analyses frameworks and innovative entrepreneurial thinking. 

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The FDU Business Ventures Program is open to all companies at all stages - start-up, emerging, growing, established ventures and even non-profits can benefit from a new view.  MBA Student Team - Company partnerships have been an integral part of our MBA entrepreneurial capstone for over 18 years. We have partnered with 200 companies since 1992. The program is truly a unique learning experience for all and has provided companies with valuable insight to strategically move their company to the next level.

The FDU Business Ventures Process

As part of FDU's Silberman College of Business Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship's innovative curriculum and in collaboration with the Rothman Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, this hands-on MBA capstone program -- ENTR 7500 -- provides an opportunity for both student consulting teams and companies to work together. Students work under the guidance of successful entrepreneurs, angel investors, professional experts and exceptional faculty members. Students form consulting teams and are then empowered  to make decisions as to the company they partner with for the semester. The process for applying companies  is simple:

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Application & Selection:  Company applications are accepted at anytime and the process is rolling. Applications received by the deadline, two weeks before the start of the semester, are considered for the semester. Selected companies are then invited to present at one or both of our campuses (Madison or Teaneck). See the FDU Business Ventures Program Timetable for a more detailed calendar.
Information Gathering:  Over the course of the semester, the student and the company arrange  suitable communication and meeting schedules. Interested companies should expect to spend a considerable amount of time working closely with their MBA consulting team to communicate their vision and project end goals.
Analysis & Strategy:  FDU student teams conduct independent industry research, competitive analysis, customer surveys and business model and strategic analyses and craft business strategies, tactics and actions tailored to the company's objectives.
Final Client Package:  At the conclusion of the semester, students provide a comprehensive written final client package and also present highlights of their findings and recommendations at a Student Presentation event held on each respective campus. See the FDU Business Ventures Program Timetable for a more detailed calendar. 

While the consulting we provide is a free service, we request that you make a $250 donation to the program if your venture is chosen to help defray costs of market research, customer surveys, printing and related administrative expenses. The final client package includes:

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All applications and company submitted materials are kept confidential. During our presentations, only information that can be publicly disclosed is presented.  If the company is selected, the student team will sign your Non-Disclosure Agreement if you so require.

Contact Information

For more information or to request an application contact:

Professor Gina Tedesco 

Professor Lindsey Greene Barrett

Business Venture Capstone Highlights for Students

  • Unique MBA capstone course that involves  hands-on “real-world” learning experience
  • “Driven” students with  “an edge” not afraid to take on new challenges
  • Partnership with a diverse set of companies- student's choice
  • Students craft "strategies" and participate in real-time solution seeking - the big picture
  • Fresh Perspective - Entrepreneurial Alternative to High-End "management consultants"
  • Focus on “thinking in motion" using an "innovative and entrepreneurial mindset”
  • Outcome: a “strategic approach " to broaden the perception of "entrepreneurship”

Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

Sample of Previous Company Participants

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FDU Business Ventures Program Timetable

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The company "pitches " are scheduled the 4th  session of the semester which usually falls the 3rd week of the months of  September & February (typically the dates are 20 -24).   The student results are scheduled for the last session (finals week) of the semester which usually falls the 3rd week of December and the 2nd week of May. Applications are accepted at anytime and the process is rolling. The application deadlines for consideration for a particular semester are  2nd week  of January for the Spring Semester and the 3rd week of August for the Fall Semester. If a company is not chosen for that semester, the application does remain on the list and will be considered again the next semester if the applying company agrees.