Online Certificate Programs for Teens

Innovative Educational Modules for High School Students


Learn skills that will be critical to success in
the 21st century's global economy!

"The Framework for 21st Century Learning describes the skills, knowledge and expertise students must master to succeed in today’s global economy 
... including Learning and Innovation Skills (creativity and innovation, etc.) and 21st Century Themes (global awareness, financial literacy, etc.)…"
                                                      - Partnership for for 21st Century Skills, 2009

The lack of these skills is a growing problem for young people today. Most high school students do not learn about these topics in their current curriculum. We strongly believe that they should be included in national curricula so that students will be better prepared as they enter their academic and professional careers.

Nationally-recognized center

The top ranked Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurship at FDU’s Silberman College of Business has been teaching work and business skills to high school students for many years as part of its popular Discover Business Teen Camp program held each summer and taught by its faculty. In addition, FDU's acclaimed entrepreneurship program has been teaching undergraduate and graduate students these topics for 20 years.

Based on this experience, we have developed, tested and refined several modules that will teach high school students these important skills to help them excel through high school, college and beyond.

Learning process

Participating students who enroll in this innovative certificate program receive a certificate after viewing videos/games, reading assigned materials, completing several exercises, and passing an exam. This achievement can also be listed on their resume and/or college admissions application. Based on our experience, the estimated time to complete these intensive programs ranges from 4 to 9 hours. All require limited parental/guardian or teacher supervision to ensure the integrity of the program.


Creativity & Innovation

Communication, Networking & Etiquette

Communication, Networking & Etiquette

Global Understanding



Under Development: Sustainability, Collaboration and Citizenship modules

Note: The content for these programs is available free of charge if the student does not want the University to assess their exercises, tests and essays, or issue a certificate. In our experience, the assessment process and the resulting certificate are important markers for student success.

Our goal is to educate young people so that they have the necessary skills to lead and be successful in the future. If that can be accomplished without faculty guidance or the goal of a certificate, the material is available at no cost.