Entrepreneurial Society


The Entrepreneurial Society is an organization for both undergraduate and graduate students at Fairleigh Dickinson University that offers a social and learning environment for students from all majors that are interested in entrepreneurial careers and ventures. Sponsored by the Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurship  and the Silberman College of Business, it is intended to enhance students’ business skills and help them better understand what it takes to get ahead in the “real” business world.

All students with a Major or Concentration in Entrepreneurial Studies are automatically entered into the Society. In addition those who have expressed an interest in Entrepreneurial Studies have also been included. If you know any FDU student who would like to join, please have them contact me at entsociety@gmail.com.

The Entrepreneurial Society offers expanded educational sources and networking opportunities. Throughout the year the members will be offered an opportunity to participate in a number of activities, presentations and events.

Society members are invited to guest lectures sponsored by the entrepreneurship faculty where successful local entrepreneurs share insights on topics such as business planning, E-commerce, product innovation, managing growth, venturing and franchising. In addition, members are invited to attend several formal programs, dinners and award ceremonies throughout the year.

All events are free to Entrepreneurial Society members unless specifically noted otherwise. For each activity please contact the listed host via email if you plan to attend. Although reservations are not usually required it is a courtesy as there may be space limitations and accommodations that must be made.

- Professor Richard Archambault

Wesley Simms -- Glassroots FULLUpcoming Events

Wesley Simms, founder of GlassRoots, will be talking about Social Entrepreneurship! GlassRoots provides multiple opportunities for at-risk youth to realize their potential through the creation of glass art. GlassRoots provides a nurturing environment in which otherwise underserved children can achieve self-esteem and creative expression, while learning basic business skills and valuable life lessons through the exploration of the unique art forms of glass making. www.glassroots.org

Date: Wednesday, November 9, 2011
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: FDU's Metropolitan campus, Dickinson Hall, room  2137

Registration is complimentary.