Academic Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why entrepreneurship?
  2. Does entrepreneurship relate only to start-ups?
  3. What is entrepreneurship education?
  4. What does the Rothman Institute do?
  5. Is the Institute separate from the University?
  6. Is there a mentoring program available to students?
  7. Must I enroll in a degree program to study entrepreneurship?
  8. Can Entrepreneurship students study abroad?
  9. Is financial aid available for students in the program?
  10. Can I take entrepreneurship classes as a part-time student?
  11. Can I apply only to the Entrepreneurship program?
  12. Can I visit the Institute and University?

What is entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurship is the process which involves all the functions, activities, and actions associated with perceiving opportunities and creating organizations to pursue them. A great idea is simply not enough – it must be coupled with a solid business model if the business is to succeed.

Why entrepreneurship?
Many students interested in entrepreneurship (70% of young adults want to own a business someday) seek a stimulating career path organized around founding or managing new ventures. While many of these students choose to pursue an entrepreneurial idea immediately as a new venture or join an existing small company or family business, still others choose to first gain experience in larger business organizations, professional service firms or investment banks.

Does entrepreneurship relate only to start-ups?
No, entrepreneurship exists in large corporations as well as non-profit institutions. Many profitable entrepreneurial opportunities exist in large organizations because successful companies focus on development and innovation of products and services. In many companies, innovative new products and services are the basis for creating new ventures that spin off into separate entrepreneurial entities. It is likely that many students will be exposed to entrepreneurial opportunities in large firms over the course of their corporate or professional service careers.

Social entrepreneurship involves not-for-profit firms, including many educational, social services and arts organizations. Tight resource constraints mean that social entrepreneurship poses a challenge for even the best management talent, and students interested in careers in not-for-profit management would benefit from significant exposure to entrepreneurial management. Over the course of their careers, many students will participate in social entrepreneurship as business or financial consultants or as volunteers or as members of boards of directors of these organizations.

What is entrepreneurship education?
Entrepreneurship education is the process of providing individuals with the concepts and skills to recognize opportunities, and to have the insight, confidence and knowledge to act where others have hesitated. It includes instruction in opportunity recognition, feasibility research, organizing resources, and initiating a business venture. It also includes instruction in business management processes such as business planning, capital development, marketing and cash flow analysis.

What does the Rothman Institute do?
For the academic community, the Institute developed the nationally recognized program that offers a comprehensive selection of courses focusing on how the entrepreneur operates and on the development and growth of businesses. Today, the Institute complements the entrepreneurship program with robust outreach programs that include frequent lectures, workshops, recognition events, business plannig and independent projects and executive training efforts that undergraduate and graduate students can take advantage of. It also provides a vibrant entrepreneurial environment that fosters creativity and innovation and one that includes a mentoring/internship program, and an entrepreneurs' club, the Entrepreneurial Society.

Is the Institute separate from the University?
No. As part of the Silberman College of Business, the Entrepreneursip program offers majors on the graduate and undergraduate level.

Is there a mentoring program available to students?
Yes, the Institute offers a mentoring program where students majoring in Entrepreneurship can be matched with an entrepreneur or corporate professional who will lend guidance and insight at meetings which are scheduled at mutually convenient times. In addition, the Institute can provide considerable assistance in finding internships in local start-ups, corporations, family businesses and/or non-profits.

Must I enroll in a degree program to study entrepreneurship?
No. We offer two innovative certificate programs. On the undergraduate level we offer the Certificate in Business where students (typically working professionals and entrepreneurs) design a 5-course program where they take the courses at their own pace. On the graduate level, the Institute offers the Post-MBA Certificate where students with an MBA or other business-related graduate degree take five courses within a three-year period.

Can Entrepreneurship students study abroad? 
Yes, FDU has a British campus at Wroxton College where both undergraduate and graduate courses are offered. In addition, students can study via study programs in many other countries. For more information please contact the Study Abroad Program at 973.443.8744.

Is financial aid available for students in the program?
The Stafford Loan program is available to any student. A free financial aid form must be filed with the federal government. Annual scholarship awards (up to $1500 per year) are also available to those wishing to pursue an Entrepreneurship major on the undergraduate or graduate level. The scholarship selection is based upon academic merits and financial need. Please contact Financial Aid at 973.443.8524 for further information.

Can I take entrepreneurship classes as a part-time student?
Yes. Many of our undergraduate and most of our graduate students enroll on a part-time basis.

Can I apply only to the Entrepreneurship program?
No. The Entrepreneurship program, as noted above, is a major within the College of Business and the MBA program. In order to take classes, you must be enrolled as an undergraduate business student or an MBA candidate. Please contact us or call Admissions at 973.443.8900 (College at Florham) or 201.692.2553 (Metropolitan Campus).

Can I visit the Institute and University?
We would be delighted if you took the opportunity to visit our school and will gladly arrange to have you sit in on Entrepreneurship classes and talk with our faculty and staff advisors. Simply give us a call admissions at 973.443.8900.