Academic Programs

The Silberman College of Business offers one of the most highly regarded, most comprehensive entrepreneurship curriculums in the country. The Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship offers a major in entrepreneurship on the undergraduate level as well as a concentration option for business management majors. On the graduate level, it offers an MBA in entrepreneurship and a Post-MBA certificate in entrepreneurship. In an effort to prepare students for the rapidly changing business environment, in which entrepreneurship plays an increasingly important role, the Silberman College of Business requires all students to study entrepreneurship. In addition, all FDU students may choose elective courses in entrepreneurial studies.

Students are also encouraged to participate in a variety of outreach programs and independent/group projects offered through the top-ranked Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurial Studies. Our faculty consists of full-time and adjunct professors who bring with them extensive academic and industry experience.

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The Institute coordinates a mentoring/internship program for graduate and undergraduate students majoring or concentrating in Entrepreneurship. This program  provides students with an opportunity to interact with experienced  entrepreneurs or senior level managers who will serve as role models. This  program is also made available to alumni of the entrepreneurship program as well. In addition, the Institute offers scholarship funds for students interested in studying entrepreneurship and it sponsors a University-wide business plan competition.

The entrepreneurship program focuses on class work and outreach programs that provide students with the opportunity to learn and practice entrepreneurship in a real environment. For example, teams of MBA candidates in the Venture Creation, Development and Financing graduate course help develop business plans for entrepreneurs and existing businesses. It offers a thorough and practical understanding of the issues involved in both starting a business and fostering innovation in a corporate setting. Classes regularly feature guest lecturers from the business community.

The curriculum focuses on how the entrepreneurial process is applied in a variety of organizational contexts within and across national borders, ranging from new start-ups and rapid growth small firms to large corporations and nonprofits. Various perspectives on opportunity recognition and creative problem-solving are provided in an effort to help students capitalize on their own entrepreneurial potential.

Classes are taught using a combination of lectures, case studies, team exercises, guest speakers and fieldwork. This major allows students to draw from a variety of carefully selected courses to become business generalists, well-versed in organizing and managing resources. Entrepreneurship graduates typically start their own ventures, work with a small or family business, or pursue “intrapraneurial” careers with major corporations.

The program is offered via the Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Silberman College of Business, at the College at Florham Campus, Madison, New Jersey and also at the Metropolitan Campus, Teaneck, New Jersey.

Career Opportunities

Students majoring in Entrepreneurship develop the skills necessary to identify a marketable product or service and to carry out the tasks required to get it to customers. They will learn how to develop a business plan to organize their efforts and launch the venture. These skills will enable the individual to reach his or her ultimate career goal, be it starting a business, working in a small or family business, or working as an intrapreneur in an established organization.

Alumni Testimonies

"The courses were grounded in the real world and enabled me to develop skills that have proved indispensable in my work to date."
- Aristedes Estrada, BS '02, Entrepreneurship major

“Just before I graduated, my father suddenly passed away. At completion of my finals I was thrown into running his businesses. Without the knowledge that I gained from the entrepreneurship program and faculty I would have never been able to make the transition from college to running five businesses.”
- Jared Cohen, BS ’05, Entrepreneurship major

"The accessibility of the faculty and their willingness to tailor the curriculum around individual interests is a distinguishing feature of this program."
- Rick Hymanson, MBA '01, Entrepreneurship major

“At FDU I was able to immerse myself in both the concept and practice of entrepreneurship. It has provided not only a great business perspective but also assisted in refining key business skills. This insight has been invaluable in my corporate career as it has pushed me to think differently and add more creative and innovative value to my organization, BMW of North America.”
Anthony Ascione, MBA '98, Entrepreneurship major

Outreach Programs