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ISE is helping SUSTAINABLE JERSEY develop and pilot their Gold Standard for Municipal Sustainability Performance. This has included drafting and reviewing White Papers intended to summarize best practices and potential key metrics for assessing "true" sustainability within their respective topic areas. Read on...


For the  SUSTAINABLE MORRISTOWN PROJECT,  ISE is working closely with Morristown, NJ as a Pilot community both to actually implement measures that emerge from the Gold Standard development process and link these measures with the development of a Municipal Performance Management System to determine accountability at the operations level.



ISE has been an active part of the SBI,  an initiative of the NJ DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION.   The program’s vision is to raise awareness, educate and motivate companies to pursue sustainability as a competitive business strategy and a shared community responsibility. Representatives from State government, business and non-profit sectors are working together to frame the SBI.  Read on....



In Collaboration with the NJDEP, ISE carried out a SURVEY of NJ BUSINESS SUSTAINABILITY aimed to provide an assessment of the external sustainability-related factors that New Jersey companies are considering, the extent to which they are employing practices to improve sustainability, their motivation for moving in that direction, and the internal conditions that they have in place to assist their sustainability efforts.  


Following an invitation from a senior Christie Administration official to submit ideas for a sustainableeconomic growth strategy for NJ, the senior leadership team of the Institute for Sustainable Enterprise (ISE) prepared a  WHITE PAPER, "DEVELOPING AND IMPLEMENTING A SUSTAINABLE GROWTH STRATEGY FOR NJ".   Suggesting a larger energy, environmental, and economic policy role for the Institute, we are committed to enhancing the Administration’s policy discussions and supporting constructive public discussion.


Article on White Paper in (New Jersey Spotlight)



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