Mgmt. 2828 - "Field Study of Business, Culture and Global Sustainability"


(Course no  longer offered)

This was the first study-abroad business undergraduate course offered by the Silberman College of Business. It was taught for the fourth and final year in the fall of 2009/winter of 2010. The class also took place in Costa Rica from January 11-24, 2010. This course is no longer being offered.


Students took classes in the fall and visited Costa Rica during the winter session.


Trip included a stay in a small village in a wildlife refuge on the Caribbean coast and classes at three unique international universities.


Students studied business issues with an emphasis on the banana and pineapple industries. They utilized FDU-provided reading material,  researched what they engaged in on their own, and received information obtained by visitinCostaRicaINCAE HALFg plantations,  organic farms, and lectures at FDU and in Costa Rica (from workers, a workers' rights attorney, executives and professors) as well as other experiences. With that information,  students wrote papers on the produce industry and on personal reflections with regard to sustainable tourism. The class listened to lectures at INCAE, an internationally acclaimed graduate business school, and stayed at EARTH University, a unique school dedicated to sustainable agriculture for hot and humid climates.



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Costa Rica Course was highlighted in FDU Magazine


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