Executive Scholars Program

ExecSchol06A LOGOProgram Description: The Executive Scholars Program was created for the purpose of offering outstanding students from the Silberman College of Business a unique opportunity to improve skills needed to successfully make the transition from life as a student to life in the business world. It also enabled the student to understand the various disciplines and become better aware of the employment opportunies in their fields of interest.

A central feature of the Executive Scholars Program was the one-on-one mentoring relationship between an executive and each of the executive scholar students. The mentors spent time with their mentees at monthly breakfast sessions where a guest speaker provided information for discussions between mentor and student. The mentors had ongoing relationships with their mentored students throughout this nine-month program.

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In 1989, now-retired SCB Associate Dean Dr. Richard N. Ottaway founded this undergraduate program. Lasting ten academic years, the Executive Scholars program provided an excellent opportunity for undergraduate participants to: 

  • Explore various jobs in the business world so that he/she could better match work possibilities with his/her aptitudes, interests and abilities.
  • Improve his/her resume and develop interviewing and networking skills.
  • Examine the link between academic knowledge and real business situations through discussions and career planning sessions.

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Admittance Standards: 
To have been eligible, a student had to be a full-time junior or senior in the Silberman College of Business at the College at Florham with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

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Topics Discussed - 2005-2006:

  • The Mentoring Relationship 
  • In Pursuit of Your Passion  
  • Resume Writing
  • Networking  and Personal Branding
  • Interviewing Techniques 
  • Surviving Your First 6 Months on the Job


BillMelExecScho LOGOBill Melick, 2005-06 CHRMS Graduate Assistant and Project Manager of the Executive Scholars program advising student.