Centers and Institutes

Rothman Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

For more than 25 years, the Rothman Institute has been helping our business school graduates succeed in becoming leading entrepreneurs and market innovators.

Leading Entrepreneurship and Innovation 
The Rothman Institute supports entrepreneurship and innovation in the academic, business and nonprofit communities. An outstanding entrepreneurship curriculum taught by an excellent faculty has helped position students for meaningful start-up opportunities.  In addition, our innovative outreach programs help people succeed in new or growing ventures, as well as in corporate and organizational settings.

The curriculum offers relevant coursework and outreach programs that provide you with the opportunity to learn and practice entrepreneurship in a real-life environment. It offers a thorough and practical understanding of the issues involved in both starting a business and fostering innovation in a corporate setting.

Institute for Sustainable Enterprise (ISE)

Embracing sustainability has become one of the focal points for all companies and organizations, both large and small. ISE has been established to educate current and future leaders of business, government, nonprofit, and educational institutions about managing sustainably by focusing on products, processes, and services that add value to the organizations, and are beneficial to people and the planet.

ISE provides you with the ability to not only understand the critical nature of sustainability but to apply data to real-world applications. Be an active participant in helping to turn your education in sustainability to bona fide, wide-sweeping policy changes.  

Center for Human Resource Management Studies (CHRMS)

Countless CEOs and executive management have echoed the phrase “our greatest resource is our people.” The very nature of CHRMS is to help build a close learning relationship between the business and academic communities for the purpose of improving the management of human resources. Specifically, it is a partnership between education, industry, and the community, creating a learning environment committed to the development of knowledge and leadership in the management of human resources. CHRMS brings together scholars and professionals from diverse fields to share information, develop talent, provide continuing education, solve problems and seize opportunities.