Newsletter - October 2016

From Dean Andrew Rosman

October, 2016

Dear Alumni and Friends,

Whenever I speak with prospective students and their families, I tell them about Silberman College's best assets, our alumni. Your success makes us proud and, quite frankly, gives us bragging rights. Many alumni share stories of how FDU “made a difference in their lives.” My point to prospective students is that FDU can make a difference in their lives as well in part because of the alumni network they will have once they graduate.

The list of alumni to brag about seems almost endless. Here is just a small sample:  

Linda Bowden (MBA ’83) – Regional President of PNC 
Claudia Healy (BS ’92, MBA ’94) – VP of Global Talent Acquisition and Development at Verizon 
John Hogarty (BS ’86, MBA ’89) – Chief Operating Officer for Global Wealth & Investment Management at Merrill Lynch.
Al Lustgarten (MBA ’82) – VP of IT & Administration at Hearst Television 
Lester Owens (MBA ’91) – Managing Director at JP Morgan Chase 
Dennis Strigl (MBA ’79) – Retired President and COO of Verizon Wireless 
Peter Weedfald (EMBA ’76) – Senior VP Sales and Marketing at Sharp 
Pat Zenner (MBA ’75) – Retired President & CEO of Roche 
Rich Brenner (BS ’73) – Entrepreneur, Angel Investor 
Al Dejewski (MBA ’94) – VP, Chobani 
Sujana Nag (MBA ’04) – Director, Consumer Marketing, VISA 

Perhaps the most fun I have at these events when talking about our alumni is to share what I believe to be an achievement that belongs singularly to FDU. What other university can claim back-to-back C-suite holders at two Fortune 100 companies? I believe that only FDU can make this claim.  

Tom Timko (BS ’91) is the Chief Accounting Officer at General Motors. He succeeded Nick Cyprus (BS ’77). Gregg Nelson (BS ’76 and MBA ’81) is the Chief Accountant at IBM. He succeeded Richard Carroll (MBA ’79). And, of course, I mention Dick Sweeney (MBA ’86), who is the co-founder of Keurig.

These talented individuals are not just names to throw around. They are people who have stories about how FDU impacted their lives and are involved with FDU. Pat Zenner is chairman of FDU’s Board of Trustees. John Hogarty will be visiting campus in fall to talk with students, as has Dennis Strigl, Peter Weedfald, Tom Timko, Gregg Nelson, etc.  

If you are an alum who would like to become involved, please reach out to me. If you have a story about how FDU changed your life please let me know. We are compiling these to post to our website and to include in upcoming celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of the naming of Silberman College.

Warm Regards, 

Andrew Rosman
Dean, Silberman College of Business
Fairleigh Dickinson University

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