Virtual Care and Wellness Initiative

Virtual Care
The projected shortage of primary care providers and the advent of the Affordable Care Act are producing a crisis in the area of access to care. More people will be in need of basic services, and less providers will be available to deliver that care. Additionally, a greater focus will be paid on prevention and wellness initiatives, providing incentives for healthy lifestyle and preventative care. Currently, Apple has led the way with a new biometric identifier, called Touch ID, which now puts a fingerprint scanner that can identify an individual in a secure and efficient fashion into the hands of the consumer for a cost of under $200. Third party marketers have begun manufacturing devices for the iPhone and iPad that allow for the monitoring of blood pressure, pulse, blood glucose, weight, body fat and other basic vital signs. The introduction of greater and more accurate technology continues to evolve at a rate faster exponentially faster than Moore’s Law of technology innovation.
Additionally, several primary healthcare systems have begun to introduce technologies that provide online physician access on a pay-per-use basis. Beth Israel Medical Center has introduced a service known as TelaDoc (www.teladoc.com), which provides access to care using an online portal. The ability to utilize these technologies to provide cost-effective, accessible and accurate diagnosis, intervention and counseling would provide a revolutionary new approach to healthcare delivery.
Assembling a team of experts from across the healthcare continuum to discuss these ideas and innovations will be a focus of the Daniel and Martina Lewis Center for Healthcare Innovation and Technology, allowing University experts in health sciences, computer science, cybersecurity, business and entrepreneurial studies to discuss the opportunities and challenges within this realm.

Daniel Kraft

Daniel Kraft, M.D., a physician and faculty member at Singularity University, talks about the future of healthcare.