Additional Financial Options

NJCLASS Loan Program

The New Jersey Office of Student Assistance administers the NJCLASS Loan Program. Credit-worthy borrowers or borrowers with credit-worthy cosigners are eligible to borrow from $500.00 per academic year up to the full cost of education less any financial aid and a 3 percent administrative fee. There are three repayment options available. Any inquiries regarding the NJCLASS Loan Program may be directed to the New Jersey Office of Student Assistance at 1 (800) 792-8670.

Tuition Reimbursement from Employers

Many corporations and businesses provide tuition assistance to qualified employees. Any student employed full time should inquire with the human resources/benefits coordinator at his/her company.

Corporate Reimbursement Deferred Payment Plan

Students who receive corporate reimbursement may be eligible to defer tuition payment until 30 days after the completion of the course. There is a 4 percent service charge for the deferred payment option. Inquiries should be directed to the Office of Enrollment Services.

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