Faculty & Staff Directory


Executive Leadership

Last Name, First Name Title Email Ext.
Avaltroni, Dr. Michael Dean mavaltro@fdu.edu 8401
Rivkin, Dr. Anastasia Assistant Dean, Faculty rivkin@fdu.edu 8410
Rossi, Barbara Assistant Dean, Experiential Education brossi@fdu.edu 8408
Sandifer, Dr. Chadwin Assistant Dean, Student Affairs & Programmatic Effectiveness chadwin@fdu.edu 8406

Administrative Support

Last Name, First Name Title Email Ext.
Canadiate, Avionne Administrative Assistant, Student & Academic Affairs ajc@fdu.edu 8404
Dell Bene-O'Mara, Pat Administrative Assistant, Faculty patdb@fdu.edu 8421
Di Gregorio, Colleen Assistant to the Deans colleend@fdu.edu 8420

Pharmacy Practice

Last Name, First Name Title Email Ext.
Carbone, Dr. Antonia Clinical Assistant Professor acarbone@fdu.edu 8433
Cherian, Dr. Sibyl Clinical Assistant Professor sibylc@fdu.edu 8219
Dushenkov, Dr. Anna Assistant Professor annads@fdu.edu 8209
East, Dr. Nicole Clinical Assistant Professor neast@fdu.edu 8220
Elk, Dr. Nina Assistant Professor ninaelk@fdu.edu 8414
Giordano, Dr. Pamela Clinical Assistant Professor pgiordan@fdu.edu 8434
Han, Dr. Jayoung Assistant Professor jayoung@fdu.edu 8419
Kalabalik, Dr. Julie Assistant Professor juliek@fdu.edu 8428
Kim, Dr. Dongmi Assistant Professor dongmi@fdu.edu 8416
Lam, Dr. Christine Clinical Assistant Professor clam42@fdu.edu 8221
Leibfried, Dr. Maria Clinical Assistant Professor mleibfri@fdu.edu 8224
Libman, Dr. Alexandra Clinical Assistant Professor alibman@fdu.edu 8225
Ozdener, Dr. Ayse Elif Clinical Assistant Professor eozdener@fdu.edu 8211
Slugocki, Dr. Malgorzata Clinical Assistant Professor slugocki@fdu.edu 8205
Sullivan, Dr. Jesse Clinical Assistant Professor jsull@fdu.edu 8429
Vaidean, Dr. Georgeta Professor gvaidean@fdu.edu 8206

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Last Name, First Name Title Email Ext.
Guo, Dr. Yong Director, Graduate Studies & Professor yongguo@fdu.edu 8415
Iwuchukwu, Dr. Otito Assistant Professor iwuchuof@fdu.edu 8212
Jungsuwadee, Dr. Paiboon Associate Professor paiboon@fdu.edu 8223
Li, Dr. Suhua Lecturer suhua749@fdu.edu 8409
Mahato, Dr. Rubi Assistant Professor rmahato1@fdu.edu 8208
Vansal, Dr. Sandeep           Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences & Associate Professor svansal@fdu.edu 8427
Westrich, Dr. Ligia Assistant Professor westrich@fdu.edu 8418


Experiential Education

Last Name, First Name Title Email Ext.
Marks, Mary Coordinator, Clinical Affairs & Experiential Education marks@fdu.edu 8435
Olsakowski, Dr. Jennifer Director, Student Pharmacist Practice jolsakow@fdu.edu 8204
Strasle, Jennifer Coordinator, Clinical Affairs & Experiential Education jstrasle@fdu.edu 8411

Student Affairs & Admissions

Last Name, First Name Title Email Ext.
Buechner, Peter Financial Aid & Student Services Counselor buechner@fdu.edu 8412
Georgiana, Julia Student Affairs Counselor jgeorgia@fdu.edu 8413
Lemmerman, Patricia Director for Student Affairs & Community Engagement plemmerm@fdu.edu 8407
Templin, Tracy Director of Admissions tracyt@fdu.edu 8405

Academic Program Support

Last Name, First Name Title Email Ext.
Habiba, Umme Coordinator for Health Science Laboratory Operations umme@fdu.edu 8222
McRae, Leslie Director of Technical Operations mcraeln@fdu.edu 8440