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Our Board of Advisors

To ensure its timely creation and ensuing success, the School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences needs:

  • A community of committed stakeholders who share the vision of expanding and improving pharmacy education to meet future requirements.
  • Partnerships with community and State pharmacy leaders who support new educational models by providing mentoring, guidance and resources for faculty and students.

The School's Board shows the degree to which the needed partnerships are already being formed. The committed Board of Advisors represent significant areas of the pharmacy community. The group has been actively engaged in program development, publicity and outreach, fundraising, and development of practice experience course opportunities for students. They have also been invaluable in reviewing topics for courses, developing mission and vision statements, opportunities for students and faculty, and potential avenues for support.

The School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences leadership has begun to utilize its status as a global education leader to bring a unique perspective to the program through its global mission. The University's consultative status at the United Nations will allow faculty members to develop unique educational experiences for students, both in the classroom and practical aspects of the program. Relationships are being developed with the World Health Organization and the United Nations Humanitarian Relief departments, as well as with others, to provide unique and enriching scholarly opportunities for both faculty and students. We fully expect that this area of the program will continue to develop and grow in the next several years as the program begins to establish its reputation and aligns itself closely with the connections and relationships in place throughout the University.

Board Members
a/o April 2014

Dr. William F. Rickley
Atlantic Health System

Mr. Baldo Scassellati Sforzolini
Bausch and Lomb

Mr. Gregory Palko
Bayer Oncology

Ms. Vicki Gaddy

Ms. Kristen Binaso
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

Ms. Genevieve Menard

Mr. William A. Lockwood, Jr.
Computer Talk Associates, Inc.

Mr. James Sapirstein
ContraVir Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Ms. Patricia Vanston
Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

Mr. Peter J. Levine
Correlogic Systems Inc.

Ms. Tracey Hodurski
CVS Caremark

Mr. Patrick Zenner
Fairleigh Dickinson University Board of Trustees

Mr. Steve Johnson

Mr. George Oze

Mr. Doug Long
IMS Health, Inc.

Mrs. Lisa K. Gaynor




Dr. Kevin F. Hennessy  
Johnson Matthey Pharmaceutical Materials - USA

Ms. Elise Barry
New Jersey Pharmacists Association

Ms. Karen McAllister

Dr. Chadni Patel
Novo Nordisk

Dr. Elizabeth Delmaestro
NPS Pharmaceuticals

Dr. William Bailey

Dr. Louis Renzetti

Dr. Linda L. Nardone
Pierrel Research

Ms. Vivian Pagoulatos

Mr. Michael A. Margolis
ROTH Capital Partners

Dr. Robert Adamson
St .Barnabas Health Care System

Dr. Indu Lew
St. Barnabas Health Care System

Mr. James Pflueger
Stop and Shop

Mr. Stephen Bozer

Dr. Steven Lindner
The WorkPlace Group

Mr. Kurt Andrews
Valeritas, Inc.

Dr. John Colaizzi, Jr.

Mr. Kevin Chandler