Transfer Policy

Due to the nature of the curriculum designed for FDU's School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, transfer of students with advanced standing at other accredited schools will not be offered as an option. The intricately mapped curriculum, with its specialization pathways, dual degree options and uniquely structured prerequisites would make it nearly impossible for students coming from other institutions to fit into the program after the first professional year. For this reason, the Dean will not consider transfer students for admission into our program. Students may opt to apply as new students within the program, where they will be granted equal consideration alongside other applicants to FDU.

Course Waiver Policy

Requests for a course waiver can be made to the dean if a student can show that an equivalent course was completed at the graduate level from a regionally accredited university and a grade of B or better was obtained. Evidence of course equivalency must be provided to the Admissions committee and the University Registrar before any assessment can be made.