Hotel and Restaurant Management BS - Hospitality Management MS

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ISHTM empire state LOGOThe International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management offers a 5-year B.S. in Hotel and Restaurant Management/M.S. in Hospitality Management program. This program is available to select students who want to pursue both degrees simultaniously and have fullfilled the following requirements:

1. Must have a GPA of 3.00 or better while entering the program and also maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.00 or better throughout the BS/MS program. In addition, must earn a GPA of 3.00 in each of the 3 core curriculum classes.

2. Student must write a Personal Statement of 400 words, explaining reason for pursuing the BS/MS degree, relative to career, personal and academic goals.

3. 2 letters of recommendation (1 from Internship Director and 1 from Hospitality Faculty)

4. An initial interview with the Director of Graduate Studies.

5. Final interview with Associate Dean and Director of International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management after all prior requirements have been met.


Recommended Course Sequencing

1st Semester

  • ENWR1101    Academic Writing I or
  • ENGW1101    College Writing Workshop I or
  • ENGL1111  Literature and Comp I
  • FRSH1000    Freshman Seminar
  • HRTM1101    Career Orientation and Professional Development 
  • MATH1128    Mathematical Methods or
  • DSCI1128    Introduction to Mathematical Methods or
  • MATH 1141  Introduction to Math Methods
  • MIS1045    Fundamentals of Computer Usage or
  • MIS1135  Introduction to Computers
  • POLS1101    Introduction to Political Science or
  • POLS1201    American Government
  • PSYC1201    General Psychology or
  • PSYC1101    General Psychology I or
  • PSYC1141    Psychology I
  • HRTM2500 Professional Development Sequence (PDS) Lab

2nd Semester

  • CORE1001    Perspective on the Individual 
  • ECON2001    Introduction to Microeconomics or
  • ECON1122    Microeconomics
  • ENWR1102    Academic Research & Writing or
  • ENGW1102    Research Writing Workshop  or
  • ENGL1112    Literature and Composition II
  • HRTM1100    Professional Development Sequence (PDS) Work Exper. I
  • POLS 1102    Geography and World Issues or
  • POLS1220    Comparative Government
  • HRTM1102    Professional Skill Development
  • HRTM2233    Quantity Food Production
  • HRTM2500    Professional Development Sequence (PDS) Lab

3rd Semester

  • ACCT2021    Intro to Financial Accounting or
  • ACCT1131    Accounting I
  • COMM2099    Professional Communication  or
  • COMM2101    Professional Communication
  • CORE2002   The American Experience 
  • ECON2102    Introduction to Macroeconomics or
  • ECON1121    Macroeconomics
  • HRTM2103    Management Values and Professional Standards
  • HRTM2500    Professional Development Sequence (PDS) Lab
  • DSCI 2029    Introduction to Statistics or
  • MATH1142    Introduction to Statistics

4th Semester

  • Environmental Biology Requirement (See Advisor for Approved Classes)
  • CORE2003    Cross-Cultural Perspectives
  • HRTM 2100    Professional Development Sequence (PDS) Work Experience 2
  • HRTM2104    The Hospitality Manager and Law
  • HRTM2211    Accounting for Hospitality Managers
  • HRTM2500    Professional Development Sequence (PDS) Lab
  • HRTM 3108    Nutrition, Sanitation and Food Safety 
  • SPCH1155    Public Speaking or
  • SPCH1107    Fundamentals of Speech

5th Semester

  • CORE3004    The Global Challenge 
  • HRTM2210    Sales and Marketing for Hospitality Managers
  • HRTM2500   Professional Development Sequence (PDS) Lab
  • HRTM3105    Managerial Challenges in the New Workplace
  • HRTM3201    Supervision and Labor Management
  • HRTM3205    Quantitative Applications in Hospitality Management 
  • Free Elective

6th Semester

  • HRTM2500   Professional Development Sequence (PDS) Lab
  • HRTM3100    Professional Development Sequence (PDS) Work Experience 3
  • HRTM3106    The Manager and the Group
  • HRTM3202    Hospitality Operations Management
  • HRTM3203    Food and Beverage Management
  • MIS2001    Management Information Systems
  • HRTM 4280 Domestic and International Tourism
  • General Elective
  • HRTM Elective

7th Semester

  • HRTM2500    Professional Development Sequence (PDS) Lab
  • HRTM4204    Property Managment
  • HRTM4107    Concepts in Transportation and Travel
  • HRTM7741    Introduction to Graduate Studies and Research
  • 2 Free Electives
  • Foreign Language (must be a 6-credit sequence)

8th Semester

  • HRTM2500    Professional Development Sequence (PDS) Lab
  • HRTM4108    Global Issues in Hospitality Management: Seminar Abroad
  • HRTM4109    HOTS- Hospitality Operations and Tactics
  • HRTM7708   Organizational Communication and Conflict Management
  • Foreign Language (must be a 6-credit sequence)
  • Laboratory Science Elective
  • Free Elective

9th Semester

  • HRTM7710   Current Concepts in Leadership in the Hospitality Industry 
  • HRTM7714    Productivity and Human Performance for the Hospitality Industry
  • HRTM7716    Service Strategies in the Hospitality Industry

10th Semester

  • HRTM7713    Manageing Financial Systems in the Hospitality Industry
  • HRTM7715    Special Project
  • HRTM7738  Advanced Graduate Practicum