BASA - Learning Outcomes

The courses provide theoretical concepts directly related to practical applications. Courses have learning exercises as well as research requirements that generally are applied projects. As an applied program, students are required to demonstrate comprehension of the more abstract components of the course into a research project that can, in principle and reality, be utilized in the workplace

  1. Communication – A BASA graduate will demonstrate the ability to prepare and deliver effective oral presentations and or write documents that present and evaluate information and opinion in a logical and analytical manner, incorporating research and documentation, and using style, grammar, mechanics, and format appropriate to an educated audience.
  2. Information Literacy – A BASA graduate will demonstrate the ability to carry out thorough and effective information search strategies using traditional print, digital, and internet sources, evaluate information accessed, and use this information along with existing knowledge to create something new.
  3. Critical Thinking – A BASA graduate will demonstrate competency in critical thinking that encompasses dimensions of informal logic and ethical analysis.
  4. Quantitative Literacy – A BASA graduate will demonstrate the ability to analyze and interpret quantitative information.