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Bachelor of Arts in Sports Administration (BASA)

Study abroad opportunity in England at Wroxton College

BASA students: register for SPAD 4000 International Sports Administration this spring (18/NS) and experience eight days in England from May 16 to 23, 2018.

  • Stay at FDU's beautiful Wroxton College in Oxfordshire, northwest of London.
  • Learn about sports-based cultures and history.
  • Explore sports business opportunities.
Learn more about this study abroad in England experience.

About the Program

The goal of the Bachelor of Arts in Sports Administration (BASA) program is to provide undergraduate level studies for the traditional and non-traditional student seeking a career in sports administration including the areas of: recreation, youth, collegiate, and professional leagues. For more information, please check out our Careers page.

BASA provides students with a unique academic experience, a strong background in the fundamental aspects of sports administration (law, finance, marketing, fundraising, etc.) as well a specialization in a particular area of sport: coaching, fitness, facilities, etc. Student must take Global Perspective in Sports (SPAD 2025) before taking International Sports Administration (SPAD 4000). Students will be given the chance to study abroad every two years SPAD 4000 class.

The program supports the success of our students in the educational process and prepares them to be world citizens through global education while encouraging the development of applied research for practitioners in the field of sports and recreation administration.


Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Bachelor of Arts in Sports Administration (BASA) program is administered from the Metropolitan and Florham Campuses and conducted in the traditional on campus format as well as off-campus (week nights and Saturdays) and online.

The program is housed in the School of Administrative Science (SAS) of the Petrocelli College of Continuing Studies. Both the College and SAS are dedicated to providing conventional and innovative learning opportunities to traditional aged students as well as lifelong learning to adults through non-traditional formats.

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Contact Information

Florham Campus

Robyn Lubisco, Ph.D.
Program Director
Assistant Professor
Sports Administration

Metropolitan Campus

J.C. Kim, Ph.D.
Program Director
Associate Professor
Sports Administration