Bachelor of Arts/Master of Sports Administration

Five-Year Combined Degree Program

• Metropolitan Campus, Teaneck, NJ

• Florham Campus, Madison, NJ

Get Ready to Turn Your Passion for Sports into a Career!

The sports industry is one of the largest areas of commerce in the United States, producing more than $213 billion annually. Each year, there’s a growing demand among employers for knowledgeable and skilled professionals in this exciting and competitive field.

If you’re ready to turn your passion for sports into a career, consider Fairleigh Dickinson’s innovative combined degree program in Sports Administration.

You’ll earn both your Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Sports Administration plus a Master of Sports Administration in just five years! 

A Brief Overview

In this highly personalized, interdisciplinary program, your studies in sports administration will start on your first day of class! You’ll take sports-related courses plus classes that will sharpen your business, information systems, accounting, communications and research skills. You’ll be prepared for responsible positions in such areas as professional sports administration, facility and event management, sports marketing and communications, athletic administration, advertising and promotion and coaching.

Why Choose FDU?

Here are just some of the advantages you’ll find as a BA/MSA major at FDU:

  • A great location. Our Metropolitan Campus is just eight miles from New York City, one of the largest sports and athletic markets in the nation. It will become an integral part of your learning experience —with guest speakers, field trips, internships, and more.
  • Experience counts. Our networking and internship programs will give you the opportunity for hands-on learning with accomplished sports professionals, teams and organizations.
  • Learning here is personal. With a 15:1 faculty/student ratio and an average class size of 20, your professors will get to know you by name.
  • Get career-ready faster. Earning both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in just five years saves you time and money.
  • An education that’s affordable. We work hard to make FDU a smart, affordable college choice for every interested student. The University offers generous scholarships of up to $20,000 a year. And more than four of every five students attending the University receive financial aid and scholarship support.

The Curriculum

5-Year Bachelor of Arts/Master of Sports Administration

Your studies in sports administration begin on your first day of class!

Year I

Fall (16 credits)                                           

  • ENGL1101  English Composition I
  • CORE1006 The Global Challenge
  • INTER2001 Cross-Cultural Perspectives
  • INTER2105 Real World Statistics
  • SPAD1004 Intro to Sports Administration
  • Freshman Seminar

Spring (15 credits)

  • ENGL1102  English Composition II
  • INTER2101 Globalization: Nature, Causes, Cons
  • INTER2002 Cross-Cultural Perspectives
  • CORE2007  Perspectives on the Individual
  • SPAD1010  Legal Aspects of Sports Administration

Year II

Fall (15 credits)

  • INTER1005  Language & Culture I
  • INTER2010  Human & Scientific Approach to the Mind I
  • CORE2008 Cross-Cultural Perspectives
  • SPAD1012 Nutrition & Wellness
  • MGMT1110 Business in a Global Society

Spring (15 credits)

  • INTER1006  Language & Culture II
  • INTER2002 Human & Scientific Approach to the Mind II
  • CORE3009 American Experience
  • SPAD1013 Exercise Physiology
  • MIS2101 Management Information Systems

Year III

Fall (15 credits)

  • INTER3001 The Nature of Nature
  • INTER2104 Ethics & Globalization
  • SPAD1014 Ethical Issues in Sports
  • ACCT1131 Accounting I
  • COMM3310 Professional Presentations

Spring (15 credits)

  • INTER3041 Technology & Values
  • INTER2104 World Resources, Poverty & Development
  • SPAD1015 Team Development
  • ACCT1132 Accounting II
  • MIS2110 New Perspectives on the Internet

Year IV

Fall (15 credits)

  • Capstone Experience
  • MSA6704 Internship I
  • MSA6701 Legal Issues: Domestic & International Sports
  • MSA6702 Sports Administration Research & Policy
  • MIS2191 Digital Design for Business

Spring (15 credits)

  • Capstone Experience
  • MSA6636 Internship
  • MSA6603 Sports Marketing & Promotion
  • MSA6614 Assessing Human Performance
  • MIS3142 Information Security

Year V

  • MSA6703 Financial Administration in Sports
  • MSA6607 Human Resources Administration
  • MSA6604 Sports in Social Contexts
  • MSA6705 Strategic Planning, Implementation & Evaluation
  • MSA6609 Communications & Media Relations
  • MSA6610 Strategies in Fund Raising & Development

Sports is Number one 180 FULL

Take the Next Step

If you’re interested in enrolling in the Bachelor of Arts/Master of Sports Administration program, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

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