Master of Sports Administration - Degree Requirements

This 36-credit, 12-course program focuses on practical and theoretical aspects of the various components relative to the administration and management of sports personnel and facilities, recreation and fitness programs and businesses, health facilities, coaching, and recreational activities in both volunteer and paid positions. There will also be a strong emphasis on leadership throughout the program. Students must complete five required courses.

All MSA classes are three-credit courses.


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MSA program course offerings are also available in the School of Administrative Science Catalog (PDF).

MSA 6701* Legal Issues in the Domestic and International Sports Industry
MSA 6702* Sports Administration Research and Policy Analysis
MSA 6703* Financial Administration in Sports
MSA 6704 Internship I or Individual Job Related Project
(This course meets the required course for each certificate in the program. It cannot be taken until students complete at least 9-credits, 3 courses in the program.)
MSA 6705* Strategic Planning, Implementation and Evaluation
(Capstone Course – after completion of at least 27 credits)


There are two areas of specialization, and students must complete five courses in an area of specialization and the required Internship (MSA 6704) to be awarded a certificate in that area. The areas of specialization are:

  • Sports Administration
  • Coaching Theories and Strategies
Elective Courses by Concentration
Sports Administration concentration (Select Any Five Courses & MSA 6704 Internship)
MSA 6601* Organizational Leadership and Team Development
MSA 6602* Facility Development, Administration and Programming
MSA 6603* Sports Marketing and Promotions
MSA 6604* Sports in a Social Context
MSA 6605 Legal and Professional Ethics in Sports
MSA 6606* Group Dynamics
MSA 6607* Human Resource Administration in Sports Organizations
MSA 6608* Sports Risk Assessment
MSA 6609* Communications and Media Relations
MSA 6610* Strategies in Fund Raising and Development


Coaching Theory and Strategies concentration (Select Any Five Courses & MSA 6704 Internship)
MSA 6605 Legal and Professional Ethics in Sports
MSA 6608* Sports Risk Assessment
MSA 6611* Coaching Leadership
MSA 6612 Coaching Theory, Methods and Issues
MSA 6613* Coaching Psychology
MSA 6614* Assessing Human Performance
MSA 6615* Effective Team Administration
MSA 6633* Weight Training and Conditioning


Elective Courses (Only two electives allowed)
MSA 6624 Organization and Administration of Sports
MSA 6625 Physiological Basis of Physical Fitness
MSA 6626* Nutrition for Sports and Fitness
MSA 6628* Valuing Diversity
MSA 6629* Motivation and Performance
MSA 6630 Global Sports
MSA 6634* Sports Security
MSA 6635* Events Planning and Administration
MSA 6636 Internship II


* Also available in online modality

♦ MSA 6704 – Mandatory for all certificates

MSA (IDP) Form (PDF)

Individual Development Plan for Students

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