Service Innovation and Leadership (MS)

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Courses offered:

Summer I 2015: May 10th – July 18th (10 weeks)

  • MSSIL 7003.81D: Current Concept of Leadership in the Service Industry – (Prof. E. Lorenzana)

Summer II 2015: July 19th – September 26th (10 weeks)

  • MSSIL 7010.81D: Technology in the Service Industry – (Prof. A. Ceesay) 
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About the Program

Today’s service industry in the United States and worldwide has broadened and evolved into a major player in sustaining a healthy economy. The newest projections for the industry call for a period of unparalleled growth that will bring with it increased demand for well-prepared and skilled service innovation and leadership professionals.

FDU’s new Master of Science in Service Innovation and Leadership will increase your competitive edge as a professional in the field whether you’re an entrepreneur, employed by a service-based company or a government agency. You will build your understanding of and skills in critical service industry strategies, financial systems, service management, marketing and more.

The 36-credit non-thesis program offers on-campus, off campus, and online delivery for the convenience of working professionals. With this degree, individuals who aspire to enter or advance in the service industry can gain valuable credentials and increase their opportunities for professional fulfillment in this rewarding field.

The Curriculum

The curriculum draws upon students’ work experience to integrate theory and practice as it prepares them for positions in service leadership. The required courses were developed based on need and potential demand. Students will be required to complete a master’s level research paper during the last term of study in the Program as a capstone requirement. This paper and its requirements will be introduced during the early part of the student’s degree when they enroll in Introduction to Graduate Studies and Research.

Required Courses/ Core Curriculum – (30 credits): All students enrolled in the MSSIL degree Program must complete the following 3-credit courses:

·        MSSIL 7001  Introduction to Graduate Studies and Research
·        MSSIL 7002  Special Project
·        MSSIL 7003  Current Concepts of Leadership in the Service          Industry
·        MSSIL 7004  Service Management
·        MSSIL 7005  Managing Service Industry Financial Systems
·        MSSIL 7006  Human Resource Development and Management           in the Service Industry
·        MSSIL 7007  Global Marketing for the Service Industry
·        MSSIL 7008  Organizational Communication and Conflict           Management
·        MSSIL 7009  Advanced Graduate Practicum
·        MSSIL 7010  Technology in the Service Industry

Electives – (6 credits)

Electives may be chosen from the list below or from offerings supplied by Petrocelli College and the International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Electives must be approved in advance and students must meet all prerequisite requirements. Additional electives will be developed with guidance from our industry advisory board.

·        MSSIL 6001 Civil Law and the Service Industry
·        MSSIL 6002 Accounting for Service Industry Administrators
·        MSSIL 6003  Distribution System Management
·        MSSIL 6004  Global Service Industry Business Management
·        MSSIL 6005  Organizational Behavior
·        MSSIL 6006  Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in the Service          Industry
·        MSSIL 6007  Strategic Processes in Service Firms

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Spring 2015

February 8th – April 18th (10 weeks)


Domestic Students:

$1681.50 per three-credit course

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