MPA - Learning Outcomes

The Public Administration Institute seeks to provide well-trained recruits for public and nonprofit agencies, and to improve the skills and credentials of administrators already employed in these organizations.

The mission of the MPA program is to educate graduate level students in the areas of public administration, particularly in the public and non-profit sectors in healthcare administration, and the areas of international relations & diplomacy.

  • Written Communication: Demonstrates recognition and appreciation of the importance effective communication abilities in public administration. Communicates concepts clearly, precisely and professionally.
  • Ethics: Demonstrates an understanding and appreciation of the implications of the ethical dimensions of public administration. Identifies the critical social and environmental effect of ethical decisions. Proposes ethical solutions to various administrative issues. Conveys an appreciation of the consequences of ethical decisions and actions.
  • International Understanding: Demonstrates an understanding and appreciation of the aspects and implications of public administration in an international context. Demonstration a full perspective of and respect for the international community and its issues. Relates an understanding of diverse systems of administration. Evaluates the societal and environmental effect of the same.
  • Management: Demonstrates an understanding of the issue of management in public administration and in the public arena and its relationship to both governmental and cultural issues. Demonstrates an understanding and appreciation of the effect and implication of management on the same. Demonstrates an ability to be a competent, qualified, ethical manager in public administrative roles.
  • Critical Thinking: analyzes issues of public administration. Applies and implements such to actual scenarios and situations. Reviews, analyzes, and integrates facts and data and effective application of the same.