Certificates and Specializations


A certificate in public management will be granted to all students upon successful completion of 18 credits. A certificate in transportation management will be awarded to students completing six transportation-related courses.


The Public Administration Institute offers various master’s specializations: bilingual administration, global transportation management, health services administration, international relations and diplomacy, nursing management and public management.


Bilingual Administration

Courses are designed for those who are in, or seek to enter, fields of bilingual administration, in both the public and private sectors. Emphasis is placed on administration in multicultural settings, communication, pedagogy and related technological issues. Courses include PADM7802 Bilingual Methodology and PADM7806 Seminar for Public and Educational Administrators in the Metropolitan Area.

Global Transportation Management

This specialization concentrates on the background, administrative structure and issues, environmental components and operational aspects in the context of international transportation and commerce. Courses include PADM7749 Development of Global Transportation System and PADM7753 Issues of Security and Transportation Systems.

Health Services Administration

The specialization in health services admin - istration consists of a series of courses that are designed, in combination with the M.P.A. core curriculum, to meet the accreditation standards of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration. Stu dents in the health care management concentration take course work such as PADM7731 Introduction to Health Systems and Policy, PADM7732 Health Finance and Control Systems, PADM7734 Managing the Continuum of Care and PADM7791 Global Health Issues.

International Relations and Diplomacy

This specialization concentrates on the administrative structure and issues in the areas of international and diplomatic relations and activities. Courses stress communication, leadership and administrative interaction in the international arena, as well as cultural perspectives. Courses include PADM7780 Diplomatic Communication for Administrators and PADM7796 International Dimensions of Public Administration.

Nursing Management

The nursing management specialization is offered in cooperation with the Henry P. Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health. Students who choose this specialization complete all M.P.A. core course requirements and take selected courses in nursing management in the School of Nursing and Allied Health. Interested persons should contact the Public Adminis - tration Institute or the School of Nursing and Allied Health for details on this specialization.

Public Management

Students choosing this specialization take 15 credits of course work selected from among a series of specially designated elective courses such as PADM7713 Organizational Performance Assessment, PADM7714 Law and Administration, PADM7715 Employee Relations and PADM7716 Delivery of Public Services.


This 18-­credit specialization emphasizes multistakeholder approaches to sustainability. Courses include PADM7820 Introduction to Sustainability, PADM7821 Environmental Law, PADM7822 Environmental and Ecological Economics, PADM7823 The Human Environment, PADM7824 Introduction to the Environment and Public Administration and PADM7825 Sustainability Capstone.

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