Degree Requirements

  1. Completion of a minimum of 33 graduate credits.
  2. Cumulative grade point ratio of 3.00 for the degree program of study.
  3. Must earn a grade point ratio of 3.00 in each of the 4 required hospitality management courses.
  4. Minimum of 30 credits completed at Fairleigh Dickinson University.
  5. Maximum of seven years to complete the master's degree requirements.

Up to six credits of graduate course work may be transferred from another college or university if completed within the six-year period. Courses submitted for transfer credit will be reviewed and evaluated by the director of the International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. In assessing requests for transfer credits, the faculty may require students to complete additional course work to update knowledge and skills to meet master's degree requirements.

The following are the specific program requirements for the master's degree. These curriculum areas and credit distribution requirements are designed to provide students with flexibility in planning a program of study within a focused framework of professional development.

Required Hospitality Management Courses (9 credits)

Supporting Hospitality Management Courses (18 credits)

Elective Courses (6 Credits)

Elective courses are to be chosen by students with approval from an adviser.

Choose 9 credits from the following:

  • HRTM7717 Discovering the World of Wine**
  • HRTM7718 Advanced Global Seminar**
  • HRTM7722 Advanced Human Resource Management
  • HRTM7723 Hospitality Education Practicum
  • HRTM7725 Curriculum and Instruction for the Hospitality Educator
  • HRTM7726 Educational Organization for the Hospitality Educator
  • HRTM7728 Graduate Internship**
  • HRTM7729 Training and Development
  • HRTM7732 Hospitality Law - Legal Issues in Hospitality
  • HRTM7733 Advanced Practicum in Conflict Resolution and Collaborative Negotiation
  • HRTM7736 Accounting for Hospitality Managers and Administrators
  • HRTM7737 Global Tourism Development**
  • HRTM7740 Advanced New Venture Management
  • HRTM7742 International Tourism
  • HRTM7745 International Tourism Internship
  • HRTM7746 Entrepreneurship and You
  • HRTM7997 Communications for Casino Industry Professional
  • HRTM7998 History of Casino Gaming
  • HRTM7999 Casinos' Social and Economic Approach

Prerequisites: Graduate Foundation Courses (6 credits) 

These classes are offered for those students who do not meet all of the Graduate Program admission requirements listed above, each class is worth 3 credits:

      •  HRTM6100  Hospitality Operations Management
      •  HRTM6200  Tourism Destination Management