Graduate Degrees at Petrocelli College

Administrative Science (MAS)

Master of Administrative Science (MAS) degree is structured to meet the career development needs of adult learners working in administrative and professional positions in the private sector, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations. Its primary purpose is to enhance the administrative and leadership skills of graduates. The MAS is FDU’s largest part-time graduate studies program (more).

MAS - School of Administrative Science MAS - FDU Vancouver MAS - Puerta Al Futuro
The School of Administrative Science offers the MAS degree on-site at FDU’s Metropolitan and Florham campuses or completely online. Offered through the University's newest campus in Vancouver, British Columbia. Graduate program for the Latino community served by Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Homeland Security (MS)

The MSHS program is administered by the School of Administrative Science (SAS) is conducted off-campus (week nights and Saturdays) and online...(more).

Hospitality Management Studies (MS)

The International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management's Master of Science degree in Hospitality Management Studies is structured to meet the educational needs of adult learners working as managers, entrepreneurs, educators or other professionals in the hospitality industry...(more).

Public Administration (MPA)

The Public Administration Institute, a member of the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA), offers a curriculum leading to the degrees of Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.), which seeks to improve the skills and credentials of administrators employed in public and nonprofit agencies...(more).

Service Innovation and Leadership (MS)

The International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management's new Master of Science in Service Innovation and Leadership will increase your competitive edge as a professional in the field whether you’re an entrepreneur, employed by a service-based company or a government agency...(more)

Sports Administration (MSA)

The School of Administrative Science's MSA program focuses on practical and theoretical aspects of the various components related to the administration and management of sports personnel and facilities, recreation and fitness programs and businesses, health facilities, coaching, and recreational activities...(more)

Student Services Administration (MA)

The School of Administrative Science's MASSA program is the perfect solution for current and aspiring professionals who seek to build or advance their credentials for a career in administrative and student support services in higher education...(more)