Protective Services and Facility Security

This 18-credit, 6-course certificate in Protective Services is designed to address the changes to private security concerns that have occurred since 911. The key concepts involve assessing threat levels in specific areas, such as the individual, the facility, and the product. This course of study will lead to a certificate in Protective Services and Facility Security.

Required courses include:
PADM 4572 - Security Concepts
PADM 4573 - Introduction to Security Management

At least 4 courses (12-credits) must be taken from the following:
PADM 4504 - Hazardous Risk Analysis
PADM 4507 - Business and Industry Crisis Administration
PADM 4545 - Effective Risk Communication for Leadership
PADM 4574 - Corporate Security and Loss Prevention
PADM 4575 - Incident Command Systems
PADM 4576 - Threat Assessment
PADM 4577 - Basics of Executive Protection