Non-Profit Leadership Studies

This 18-credit, 6-course certificate is designed for those who are employed or would like to be employed in non-profit organizations. The non-profit sector is expanding its role with changes in government policies, and this certificate will review policy and program issues.

At least nine credits must be taken from the following:
PADM 4400 - Seminar on Leadership Development (6 credits)  
PADM 4597 - Global Issues in Not-for-Profit Administration’
PADM 4598 - Public Policy for Not-for-Profit Organizations
PADM 4599 - Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation for Not-for-Profit Organizations

The remaining electives must be selected from the following:
BUS 115 - Introduction to Nonprofit Organizations
PADM 4564 - Managing Culture, Diversity & Change in a Global Workplace 
PADM 4600 - Budgeting and Finance for Not-for-Profit Organizations
PADM 4601 - Internship/Co-Op