Homeland Security Studies

This 18-credit Certificate in Homeland Security Studies prepares students for the two distinct areas: terrorism and natural disasters. Knowledge of the reasons for the events and understanding reactions is needed to improve on the homeland security system. This certificate will explore the roots of terrorism and how to combat these actions, as well as the impact and implications of man-made and natural disasters.   Whether the event is one of terrorism or natural disasters, there is a need to mitigate, prepare, respond, and recover. The certificate can be used as part of the degree completion requirements for the BAIS degree.

At least three courses must be taken from the following:
PADM 4505 – Psychology of Terrorism
PADM 4587 – Introduction to Homeland Security
PADM 4588 - Comparative Governmental Homeland Security Systems
PADM 4589 - Legal Issues in Homeland Security

The remaining electives must be selected from the following:
PADM 3302-   Ethics and Values in Public Sector Administration
PADM 4501 – Terrorism and Emergency Management
PADM 4502 – Counter-Terrorism and Response
PADM 4503 – Weapons of Mass Destruction – Policy Issues
PADM 4509- Political and Policy Basis of Emergency Management
PADM 4511 – Social Dimensions of Disaster
PADM 4590 – Religion and Terrorism
PADM 4591- Changing Policing Philosophies