Health and Human Services Administration

This 18-credit, 6-course certificate focuses on the social services provided to ensure for protecting the health and well-being of the citizens. Essential human services may be provided by different public, not-for-profit, and private organizations and these services may be delivered to those in all groups, regardless of age, national origin, economic status, and so forth.

Required courses:
PADM 4547 - Global Issues in Health & Human Services
PADM 4548 - Legal Issues in Health & Human Services Administration

The remaining electives must be taken from the following:
PADM 4549 - Public Policy for the Health & Human Services Community
PADM 4550 - Program Design and Implementation for Health & Human Services Organizations
PADM 4551 - Budgeting & Finance for Health & Human Services Professionals
PADM 4552 – Complementary & Integrative Medicine