Computer Security & Forensics Studies

This 18-credit area of specialization is designed for professionals involved in the fields of computer security or cyber forensics or to prepare them to enter such a field. The course of study focuses on theory as well as application. Students should take MIS 1135 Introduction to Computer as the computer science course to meet that requirment on the check sheet since this course provides an overview of computers, or they can take an equivalent course. Topics include hardware, software components, and fundamentals of programming, loops, Word processing, spreadsheets, databases, e-mail and the Internet.

Required Courses:
PADM 4566 - Introduction to Cyber Crime and Computers
PADM 4592 - Introduction to Network Security

Students must select four of the following:
PADM 4546 - Fact Finding, Preparation and Testimony
PADM 4565 - White Collar Crime Issues
PADM 4569 - Computer-Incident Response and Handling
PADM 4573 - Introduction to Security Management
PADM 4593 - Introduction to Computer Crime And Data Froensics
PADM 4594 - Computer Networking and Data Communication
PADM 4595 - Computer Hacking - Ethical and Unethical 
PADM 4596 - Introduction to Computer Security and Current Problems