Liberal Arts AA - Faculty and Staff


  • E.J. Lee, Executive Director, Undergraduate Programs and Director, MiraeRo (Korean Studies) Program
  • J. Tormey, Director, International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • D.A. Fredericks, Associate Dean of Continuing Education Operations and College Learning Assessments
  • J. Steiner, Associate Director, Office of Online Programs
  • F. Alonso, Director, Puerta al Futuro® Program and Latino Promise® Program


C. Acosta, A. Adrignolo, F. Alonso, W. Antoine, M. Barto, T. Beam, P. Blank, J. Buenahora, C. Bygrave, M. Collado, J. Devine, P. Durso, M. Edwards, L. Elfers-Mabli, A. Garg, I. Gersh, D. Hoover, F. Karger, J.C. Kim, E. Kovacs, L. Kurland, P. Laubsch, E.J. Lee, E. Lorenzana, R. Lubisco, P. MacIntyre, S. McCloud, R. Medaska, F. Oliver, E. Oliveros, M. Oujo, C. Ozurumba, F. Parra, A. Ritz, W. Roberts, J. Rodriguez, W. Schuber, S. McCloud, R. Selig, T. Swanzey, L. Teodoro, W. Toms, L. Ultan