Liberal Arts AA - Faculty and Staff


  • A. Adrignolo, Director of Global Transportation Studies
  • T. Swanzey, Associate Dean
  • J. Tormey, Director, International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • D.A. Fredericks, Associate Dean of Continuing Education Operations and College Learning Assessments
  • J. Steiner, Associate Director, Office of Online Programs
  • W. Roberts, Director, Public Administration Institute
  • D. Hart, Director, Adult Education
  • R. Kane, Director, Transfer Student Services
  • C. Davis, Director, Enhanced Freshman Experience
  • L. Winters, Director, Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies Program
  • F. Alonso, Director, Puerta al Futuro® Program and Latino Promise® Program
  • E.J. Lee, Director, MiraeRo (Korean Studies) Program
  • Jeffrey Dunn, Acting Director, Veterans Services


C. Acosta, A. Adrignolo, F. Alonso, W. Antoine, M. Barto, T. Beam, P. Blank, J. Buenahora, C. Bygrave, M. Collado, J. Devine, E. Doherty, P. Durso, M. Edwards, L. Elfers-Mabli, A. Garg, I. Gersh, D. Hoover, F. Karger, J.C. Kim, E. Kovacs, L. Kurland, P. Laubsch, E.J. Lee, E. Lorenzana, R. Lubisco, P. MacIntyre, S. McCloud, R. Medaska, F. Oliver, E. Oliveros, M. Oujo, C. Ozurumba, F. Parra, A. Ritz, W. Roberts, J. Rodriguez, W. Schuber, S. McCloud, R. Selig, T. Swanzey, L. Teodoro, W. Toms, K. Tripodi, L. Ultan, L. Winters