Liberal Arts AA - Admissions

Program for Adult Learners

Leading to the Associate in Arts AA in liberal arts, degree studies in this program are offered on the Metropolitan Campus and the Florham Campus. Classes are nornally held on weekday nights, but include Saturdays. The College emphasizes small and informal classes, strong academic counseling and close student-faculty relationships. Students in the program can earn their AA degrees in as little as two years. The overwhelming majority of students in the program go on to pursue baccalaureate degrees in liberal arts, science or business administration. In 2009, a completely online A.A. degree program became available.

For more information, contact the Anthony J. Petrocelli College of Continuing Studies at (201) 692-2676.

Gateway to the Future (MiraeRo) Program

In January 2008, a new program for recent immigrants from South Korea enrolled 14 students. Designed on the Puerta al Futuro® model, the MiraeRo-Gateway Program is a Korean to English transition program with credit courses offered in Korean and English with extensive English as a Second Language (ESL) support. Students complete an assessment of written and verbal English skills at the conclusion of the associate degree program and enroll in baccalaureate classes that are all in English. (more)

For more Information, contact Eun Jeong "EJ" Lee, Korean Program Director, 201-692-7180,, Fax: 201-692-7179, Office Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday

Gateway to the Future® Puerta al Futuro

This 60-credit program, which began in the fall of 2003, enables Spanish-speaking adults to learn English and earn an Associate in Arts degree through progressive all Spanish to all-English course work. By attending evening and Saturday classes as a cohort, participants in the Gateway to the Future (Puerta al Futuro®) program develop their English writing and speaking skills through a professional and structured program of study — plus earn their A.A. degrees — in just three years. Extensive English language instruction is provided during the first two years of the program. (more)

For more information, contact Fernando A. Alonso,, 201-692-2625, Fax: 201-692-2503, FDU’s Petrocelli College, 150 Kotte Place 2nd Floor Room 208, Hackensack, NJ 07601

Latino Promise® Program

As a second step in the Latino pipeline plan, Petrocelli College has established the Latino Promise® Program. Designed for traditional-age students who are attending the Metropolitan Campus, Latino Promise® provides support through Petrocelli College academic degree programs, scholarships and financial aid; a seminar program offered by successful Latino leaders; a personalized academic advisement program; and the Puerta al Futuro® Language Laboratory. (more)

For more information, please contact:, Office: (201) 692-2676, Fax: (201) 692-2722, 150 Kotte Place, Hackensack, NJ 07601

Office of Online Programs

Fairleigh Dickinson University, the largest independent university in New Jersey, has a long history of offering adult learners rigorous, well regarded undergraduate degree and certificate programs. After flourishing on-campus and at numerous offsite locations in New Jersey for many years, the programs were converted to a fully online format. Online learning offers enormous flexibility and is completely asynchronous.(more)

For more information, contact JoAnna Steiner, MS, Associate Director, Fairleigh Dickinson University Office of Online Programs, Office Telephone: 201-692-7357, Office Fax: 201-692-7359, Email: