Program Description

The Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies degree is a 120-credit adult learner degree completion program. This program offers numerous specializations and an opportunity for earning a six-course, eighteen-credit certificate tailored to government workers and other individuals from the nonprofit sector interested in pursuing undergraduate courses geared towards improvement of management and supervisory skills, while earning credits that lead to a baccalaureate degree.

Transfer credits (up to 90), life experience/portfolio assessment (up to 30 credits), and/or College Level Examination Program (CLEP -- up to 30 credits) can be applied towards a 120-credit Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies degree. A student must take at least 30 credits of course work at Fairleigh Dickinson University to be conferred a degree.




Students completing the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies degree are required to demonstrate proficiency in the following areas.


I.  Communication, Mathematics and Computer Skills
Requirement: 18 credits (6 courses)


The ability to use the English language orally and in writing, the ability to understand and use basic mathematical symbols and the mastery of basic computer skills are required of all students in the program.

Requirement: 9 credits (3 courses)
Any combination of freshman writing and advanced-level writing courses or their equivalent at other institutions. At least one advanced-level writing course must be taken at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Oral Communication
Requirement: 3 credits (1 course)
Public speaking

Requirement: 3 credits (1 course)
At least one college-level math course.

Computer Skills
Requirement: 3 credits (1 course)
Fundamentals of computer use.


II. Liberal Arts and Sciences
Requirement: 24 credits (8 courses)


Students are exposed to social, scientific, aesthetic, moral and religious ideas.

Requirement: 9 credits (3 courses)
At least two of the following areas must be represented:

• Art History/Appreciation
• Literature
• Music History/Appreciation
• Theater History
• Foreign Language
• History
• Philosophy

Social Sciences
Requirement: 9 credits (3 courses)
At least two of the following areas must be represented:

• Anthropology
• Economics
• Geography
• Political Science
• Psychology
• Sociology

Natural Sciences
Requirement: 6 credits (2 courses)

Six credits selected from the following areas:
• Life sciences
• Chemistry
• Earth and Planetary Sciences
• Physics

At least one course must be a laboratory science course. A first year science course for majors may be substituted for any of the recommended courses listed.


III.   University Core
Requirement: 12 credits (4 courses)


Fairleigh Dickinson University requires all students to complete this common University Core curriculum consisting of the following four integrated courses that have a strong emphasis on liberal arts:

CORE1006      The Global Challenge
CORE2007      Perspectives on the Individual
CORE2008      Cross-cultural Perspectives
CORE3009      The American Experience: The Quest for Freedom

Transfer students receiving transfer credit for 30-59 credits are exempt from Core 3009. Students transferring 60 or more credits are exempt from both Core 3009 and 2008.


IV. International Perspective
Requirement: 3 credits (1 course)


This requirement may be met through one of a variety of designated courses from anthropology, business, economics, literature, fine arts, history, music, philosophy, political science or sociology. Courses must emphasize an international perspective.


V. Specialized Studies: 
Requirement: 18 -24 credits


The coursework available in specialized studies area is designed to provide broad exposure to various areas in one or more of the following disciplines: business, communication, applied technology or public service administration. The structure of these specializations allows students to develop the skill sets that will enable them to operate more effectively in today’s business environment.

Of the 18-24 credits required in the Specialized Studies Area, a minimum of 9 credits must be completed at FDU in 2000 or higher level courses. Students may select from the following list of courses, which is intended to be representative. (Undergraduate Certificates...)

Public Service Administration
• PADM 4400       Seminar on Leadership Development
• PADM 4501       Terrorism & Emergency Management
• PADM 4503       Weapons of Mass Destruction: Political Issues
• PADM 4509       Political & Policy Basis of Emergency Management


VI. Free Electives
Requirement: 39-45 credits


Courses in this area are chosen to complement the area of specialized studies.