Advance Standing

Fairleigh Dickinson University can accept up to 90 credits toward the 120-credit BAIS degree from a variety of sources:

Other Institutions

Up to 90 transfer credits may be awarded for coursework completed with a C or better at an accredited institution.

Professional Study & Certification

Formal training programs conducted by the military, business, labor unions, government agencies, or other organizations that have been evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE) are recognized by Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Students who have completed ACE evaluated training programs may apply the credit, as recommended by ACE, to their degree. To find out if a training program is ACE evaluated, either contact the organization that conducted the training or contact ACE directly at

Please consult with your academic adviser to learn how to receive FDU credit for ACE evaluated training.

Proficiency Examinations

A number of nationally recognized educational organizations offer examinations in a wide range of subjects including the liberal arts, sciences, business and foreign languages, which correspond to courses taught at the University. Up to 33 credits may be awarded through examinations such as the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), the New York University Foreign Language Proficiency Testing Service,  ECEs or Excelsior College Exams, TECEP and DSSTs.

Students who have already taken any of these examinations should have official score reports sent to the Office of Online Programs at the address above. Students considering this option should consult with their advisor to determine the suitability of particular CLEP or other examinations to their degree requirements.

Acceptance of all CLEP and other proficiency tests is contingent upon the following provisions:

  1. Up to 33 credits may be awarded toward degree requirements;
  2. All examinations must be taken before completion of the student's first 64 credits and applied toward those 64 credits only. Exceptions can be made for students transferring in with 32 credits or more;
  3. If the examination duplicates previous course work, credits will not be awarded. Credits earned through examinations are not included in the cumulative grade point ratio.
  4. Transfer students may apply CLEP credits earned at institutions other than FDU to an FDU degree program.
  5. Failed courses taken at FDU cannot be replaced through examinations.

Experiential Learning

Portfolio Assessment allows students the opportunity to apply their lifelong learning to their college program of study. Up to 30 credits may be awarded for experiential learning, which can reduce the time and cost of completing a degree. These credits are granted based on a comprehensive portfolio evaluation. This includes:

  1. Consultation with and approval by your academic advisor for the suitability of proposed credits toward degree
  2. Submission of the completed portfolio(s) based on current policies and procedures

The academic assessment of experiential learning is rigorous and there is no guarantee as to the credit outcome. It is important to note that college credit is not given for experience alone; it is awarded for documented learning that is equivalent to Fairleigh Dickinson University courses.