Undergraduate Programs BAIS

Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies


The Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies (BAIS) is offered through the University’s Petrocelli College of Continuing Studies, which features programs for adults and working professionals. The degree is aimed at students who are interested in combining business theory with technological skills that are vital in today’s workplace. Students find that their course work has an intense practical orientation. They are able to apply the skills they learn immediately in their day-to-day working lives.

The program’s goal is to increase the student’s understanding of communication, management, applied technology and business in the world economy. Students in the program develop expertise that has proved invaluable in a wide range of settings, including local, national and international corporations. Expertise gained from the program is also invaluable in the public sector and the not-for-profit world.

The BAIS degree is ideally suited to employed adult learners who have already earned some college credit. FDU will accept up to 90 credits, of the 120 required for the degree, from other sources. (See Advance Standing.) Students who receive the full 90 credits may complete the degree in as little as 18 months.

The program is designed as a timely and cost efficient vehicle to enable adult learners to complete their undergraduate degrees. Classes are organized in 10 week terms, beginning in September, January, April and June.

  • A certificate in one of fifteen specializations is awarded upon successful completion of the prescribed eighteen credit hours. To qualify for a Certificate, a student in the BAIS program must complete 18 credits, 9 credits of which must be in PADM or POLS courses. These courses apply to the 120-credit Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies degree program.


  • The BAIS is a degree completion program tailored towards your schedule. The University requires that each candidate for the BAIS degree complete a minimum of 30 credits “in residence” (courses taken with FDU). For transfer credits and portfolio options please contact Roger Kane at 201-692-2027 or email at rwkane@fdu.edu.


  • The program is offered online and off-campus instructional sites in New Jersey.


  • This program is now in its 20th successful year. Over five hundred public employees from federal, state, country and municipal offices and agencies have participated, which provides opportunities for professional networking.


  • It brings you closer to a degree. The eighteen undergraduate credits apply to selected Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees offered through Fairleigh Dickinson University and satisfy the requirement for Specialized Studies in FDU’s new adult degree program, the Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies degree.


  • Classes begin in September, January, April, and June. Enroll in the term of your choice.


  • Inquire about a combined degree option for the Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies (BAIS) and Master of Administrative Science (MAS) programs.

For More Information:

Thomas Swanzey
Associate Dean of New College of Fairleigh Dickinson University
Email:  thomas_swanzey@fdu.edu 
Phone: 201-692-2748 (Miranda), or 201-692-2746 (Helena)