Tuition and Fees - Petrocelli College Non-Standard Term Programs


Note: Applicants and students in the Bachelor of Arts in Sports Admnistration (BASA) program should visit the FDU Office of Enrollment Services for information on tuition and fees.

All fees, tuition, and charges are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the University's Board of Trustees


Graduate/Post-Graduate Undergraduate Tuition (Domestic Students) $1908.00 per 3-credit course (includes 50% Scholarship).
MASSA tuition $2098.00 per 3-credit course (includes 45% Scholarship).
National Guard Personnel
Note: Tuition discounts may be available for members of other branches of the military. Visit Petrocelli College's Military Partnerships page to learn more.
$750.00 per 3-credit course. No technology fees.


Facilities Fee
(where applicable)
$50.00 per class
Technology Fee/ Fall & Spring
On-campus and Web-based
Part-time, 6 credits or less - $211.00.
Full-time, 9 credits or more - $453.00
Technology Fee/ Summer
On-campus and Web-based
$12.00 per credit
Audit Fee 1 credit + $10.00 registration fee


For more information

Please direct any questions regarding SAS tuition and fees to:
Ritta Awad (Last names A-L)
(201) 692-2207 or
Danny Ficacci (Last names M-Z)
Enrollment Services
(201) 692-2216 or