Louis Gary Talijan

Mr. Talijan is a MSA Board Advisor and Adjunct at the School of Administrative Science, Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Petrocelli College of Continuing Studies. This is a position he assumed in 2009, following 31 years of Law Enforcement service in the State Of New Jersey. He is credited with developing the Sports Security MSA course, along with providing subject matter expertise for the MSA program at FDU. Mr. Talijan service as an MSA Board Advisor provides program direction in the fields of marketing, sports security, and human performance.

He is a former Supervising Lieutenant of the New Jersey State Police Intelligence Unit and New Jersey Statewide information collection system, which is regarded as New Jersey's premier Intelligence system. Mr. Talijan holds a Bachelor's degree in General Studies of criminal justice and an MAS in Administrative Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University. His extensive resume includes supervising various assignments, including the 1994 World Cup, 911 Task Force squad, Papal visit of John Paul II, Intelligence, Criminal Street Gangs, Organize Crime, Meadowlands Sports Complex, and Official Corruption units. Mr. Talijan serves as a Board Advisor with the Silver Shield Foundation and Co-founder of the Tri-State Trooper Fund. Throughout Mr. Talijan’s law enforcement career, he has been the recipient of over 16 duty related commendations, along with being recognized in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York, for community service. He has been the recipient of the William P. Sullivan, 176th District of Pennsylvania, and the New York/New Jersey Asian-American, community Service   award, being recognized for his high level of police service to the communities of each state. He has been a guest lecturer at police conferences throughout the east coast, providing insight on subjects such as, ILP – Intelligence Led Policing, along with providing a granular look into the dovetailing of technology and investigations.

Following his career with the NJDOC and New Jersey State Police, he focused his efforts on building client relationships, and promoting business growth across the United States and abroad as the Director of Marketing & Sales with the CSI Technology Group, a government software provider. Presently, Mr. Talijan serves as the Director of Operations and Business development with Centurion Shield Protection Service, an asset and physical protection company.

Accompanying his law enforcement career, he has over 26+ years of Strength & Conditioning experience as a Strength coach and rehabilitation trainer. During this time, he has directed and designed four high school training facilities and one college facility. During his years of coaching, he occupied the position of Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at four high schools throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and Head of strength & conditioning coach at Lafayette College. During 1988, Mr. Talijan’s expertise in medicine ball stability training was requested by the New Jersey State Police Training Academy, during which time, the implementation of his stabilization training was applied to the NJSP and municipal police recruit classes. Since 1988 he has been certified as a Strength & Conditioning coach and subject matter expert in training & injury rehabilitation.  Mr. Talijan holds the following training credentials, member of the United States Power Lifting Federation, and Strength, Conditioning & Rehabilitation Certification.