Creation of the FDU Cybercrime Training Lab


On October 16th, 2006, Congressman Steve Rothman joined FDU President J. Michael Adams, members of the FDU administration, faculty and staff, as well as representatives of numerous law enforcement agencies for a ribbon cutting ceremony officially opening the Cybercrime Training Lab on the Metropolitan campus. Congressman Rothman was instrumental in obtaining federal funding for the space renovation creating the Lab, which will provide much needed cybercrime training and education for security professionals and the law enforcement community. Two 21-workstation classrooms have been developed to provide training using various pieces of equipment spanning generations of technological advances. Classes currently being offered, or in the preparatory stages, include hands-on training in the examination, seizure and legal use of data and evidence from such devices as PDAs, cell phones, and both laptop and desktop hard drives.

The reponse to our initial training sessions has been overwhelmingly positive from both private and public investigators. Students with a basic understanding of computer usage are able to practice the various methods of collecting, processing and examining digital evidence, techniques which are becoming increasingly necessary for officers and investigators to learn.

Mirroring the regional center

The CTL has been set up to mirror the New Jersey Regional Computer Forensics Lab (RCFL) in Hamilton, NJ, one of very few now operating in the country. CTL class participants may consider our one or two day classes as a preparatory step to be taken before entering the demanding program taught at the RCFL, which is jointly run by the New Jersey State Police and the FBI. Matriculating students may supplement their coursework with classes taught at the CTL, including one or multi-day continuing education courses in addition to credit bearing courses.

Professionals such as fire and insurance investigators will also be brought into the CTL as both students and teachers in addition to Police Departments, Sheriffs' Departments, Prosecutors' Offices, and numerous Fortune 500 companies located in our region. FDU has a well-established relationship with the law enforcement community throughout New Jersey, including the NJ State Police, FBI, Secret Service, Port Authority of NY & NJ, county and local law enforcement agencies, as well as Citigroup, Quest Diagnostics, Hoffmann LaRoach and other corporate giants. In addition, efforts will be made to collaborate with other University departments to expand the use of technology exponentially in order to provide students with the broadest, most well rounded training available. Cross-discipline courses may be created in conjunction with the Criminal Justice, Paralegal, and Psychology departments to further expand the potential of the CTL.

Partnering with you

Members of the CTL administration view our overall program as a work in progress, and we are willing to be flexible and as adaptable as possible in meeting our clients' needs. We are working to create an open, collaborative relationship with our students, and we listen carefully when they offer insights into what they would like to see in the way of forensic education opportunities. In response to student requests and suggestions, varying classes have been modified, expanded and refined. One class was expressly created due to many requests to have access to a particular type of training. Suggestions and requests are always welcome. We value your input and look forward to discussing your needs and our plans to meet them. Future workshops are being planned and addional courses will be made available whenever possible. Please visit our site often to keep current. You may also contact the staff by calling  201.692.6524.