Wroxton Experience 2007

Wroxton, England

July 15 - 21, 2007

Eight of Puerta Al Futuro students participated in the Wroxton Experience 2007 taking the course INTER1011: Concepts and Practice of Leadership: The United Kingdon and the United States taught by Dr. Thomas Swanzey. These students are: Yanira Bello, Lucero Bohórquez, Soledad Céspedes, Sara Corcuera, Diana Dávila, Natalia Justiniano, Cecilia Mosquera.

This year's academic and cultural experience presented the students a very qualified set of lectures prepared by Dean Nicholas Baldwin: a lecture by Dean Baldwin about the style and qualities of Leadership of Sir Winston Churchill; the lecture of Dr. Nigel Forman on the intricacies of the British Parliamentary system and the European Union. The following day, a visit to London guided by Dean Baldwin presenting some of the most important government buildings in London followed by a Tour of Parliament and a lecture by Sir Geoffrey Howe. Later in the week, the group participated in a lecture Chaired by Dean Baldwin and presented by Lord Richard on the Life of a Diplomat.

The cultural component of this year’s Wroxton Experience included a visit to Blenheim Palace (Churchill’s Birthplace), a visit to Strattford-upon-Avon (Shakespeare’s Birthplace) and Oxford.




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Dr. Thomas Swanzey Awarded Certificates to Students Soledad Cespedes, Lucero Bohorquez, Cecilia Mosquera, Natalia Justiniano, Sara Corcuera, Diana Davida and Yanira Bello




Video Graduation 2007 Puerta Al Futuro Students


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Puerta Graduates 2007 List FULL



Students Who Received the Reiner Scholarship – June 2007


1. Maria Avelino

2. Patricia Belloso

3. Maritza Caicedo

4. Maritza Calvo

5. Soledad Cespedes

6. Betty Hermida

7. Diego Ochoa

8. Soraya Palacio

9. Jose F. Restrepo

10. Alfredo Rivera

11. Susana Sekela

12. Diana Zapata