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Adriana Aristizábal is an alumnus of Fairleigh Dickinson University who graduated with a Master of Administrative Science in the program for Latin American Diplomats in May 2006.

Ms. Aristizabal presented her book, La Guaca de las FARC: Yo la Encontre, (FARC's Stash, “I Found It”), to over 70 students of the Puerta al Futuro community on Saturday, November 4 with Prof. Juan Carlos Orejarena hosting the presentation.

During the presentation, Adriana narrated the life threatening situations she experienced and as described in her first published title. As a Colombian journalist, Adriana is able to share first hand accounts of the illegal activities committed by the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC), a guerrilla group that has been fighting against the Colombian government and national institutions for over 50 years and now is financing its violent political struggle through drug trafficking.

Adriana offered her audience a recount of the events that led to her to interviewing one of the Colombian soldiers involved in the discovery of a FARC ‘stash’ in the middle of the jungle and the dramatic and absurd events that followed the discovery. Adriana’s book is a documentary of how 150 Colombian soldiers chose brotherhood over nation, ultimately squandering the 147 million dollar ‘stash’.

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