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Since September 2006 there is a Master of Administrative Science program for the Latino community served by Fairleigh Dickinson University, following the blueprint of the program for Hispanic Diplomats.

This program is started with a group of students who graduated from Puerta Al Futuro who want to expand their academic horizon to widen their scope of knowledge and opportunities.

The students are: Oscar Avila, Edgar Betancur, Julia Cuervo, Efrain Diaz, Carlos Gomez, Julio Gomez, Francisco Parra, Solangel Patarroyo, Alfreo Rainuzzo y Flor Torrejon.

The courses taken were an Introduction to International Relations and Government, Business & Economy taught by Juan Carlos Orejarena and Fernando Alonso respectively.

First Day of Classes:

Puerta MAS Bil 01 FULL

Prof. Orejarena, Oscar Avila, Efrain Diaz, Edgar Betancourt, Puerta Director Fernado Alonso, Francisco Parra, Julia Cuervo, Alfredo Rainuzzo, Carlos Gomez, Hector Prieto. Other students registered: Pablo Bucardo, Julio Gomez, Juan Carlos Ortiz, Solangel Patarroyo, Andrea Quiroz, y Flor Torrejon.

Guest Speaker Lorena Patiño

On November 18, 2006, Lorena Patiño taught a class to students in the Bilingual MAS Program. Lorena is a graduate from the Diplomats program and came to teach a session on World Trade Organization and share her experience as a representative of her native country Paraguay, before the United Nations.

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Visit to the United Nations in New York - November 30, 2006

Professor Orejarena led a class trip to see first hand the United Nations with all the students in the Master of Administrative Science in International Relations program. As a courtesy of Oscar Cabello and Raquel Escobar, who graduated from the program and are working Diplomats representing their country Venezuela at the United Nations, the students had the opportunity to learn from the inside how is structured and the qualifications of those representing their countries before the UN.

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Participants: Oscar Avila, Edgar Betancur, Julia Cuervo, Efrain Diaz, Carlos Gomez, Julio Gomez, Juan Carlos Ortiz, Francisco Parra, Solangel Patarroyo, Andrea Quiroz, Alfredo Rainuzzo y Flor Torrejon.

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Visit to the Mission of Venezuela at the United Nations

Puerta MAS Bil 16 LOGO Oscar Cabello hosts the visiting group

Puerta MAS Bil 17 LOGO Raquel Escobar explains her duties at the UN


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Luis Niño, Special Envoy for Multilateral Affairs of Venezuela made a detailed presentation of the different aspects of the structure and operation of the United Nations.

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From left to right: Raquel Escobar, Prof. Juan Carlos Orejarena, Julio Gomez, Francisco Parra, Alfredo Rainuzzo, Solangel Patarroyo, Andrea Quiroz, Carlos Gomez, Oscar Cabello, Oscar Avila & wife, Edgar Betancur, Juan Carlos Ortiz, Flor Torrejon, Efrain Diaz, Julia Cuervo