Accessing Your Online Course

Welcome to your online course at Fairleigh Dickinson University! 
Your online course resides on FDU’s WebCampus. You will use WebCampus to access course materials, receive and submit assignments, and to participate in online discussions with your classmates and your instructor. In order to access your course, you must be registered for the course and have a Webmail account as described below.

New Online Students

Please follow these simple steps so you will be ready to participate in your course and will feel comfortable with the WebCampus online learning environment.

  1. Create a Webmail account online at This can be done as soon as you are registered for an online course. Follow the instructions under “Create New Account.”

  2. Once you have a Webmail address, your WebCampus course account will automatically be created. The creation of your WebCampus account, while automatic, may take up to 36 hours depending on when the next system update occurs.

  3. Login to WebCampus at .Enter your FDU Webmail Username (e.g. and your FDU Webmail Password, then click “Login.”
  4. Click on the desired course link to access that course. All of the courses you are registered for will be listed in the box titled “My Courses.”

Continuing Students

Once you are registered for a course, login to WebCampus using your same Webmail Username and Password from last trimester.

If you can’t remember your Webmail account information, call the FDU Technical Assistance Center (FDUTAC) at 973-443-8822. Service will be faster if you have your 7-digit FDU Student ID handy.

Additional Information

The following pdf files are available for downloading and printing:

    “Your Webmail Account”: Contains instructions on creating / accessing your Webmail account, using a client to read your Webmail, and forwarding your Webmail.
    “Using Webmail’s Web Interface”:  Contains instructions on using Webmail’s own interface for accessing, sending, and managing email.