Important Information for Guidance Counselors

At Latino Promise, we understand and appreciate how hard guidance counselors, teachers and school administrators work in order to guide students through the college application process. We would like to aid in making that process smoother. To that end, we offer high schools the following:

Presentation and On-site

Latino Promise faculty and staff conduct presentations at high schools and offer students an instant decision during our on-site interviews.

Guidance Counselor Workshop & Luncheon

This workshop and luncheon, which offers guidance counselors, teachers and school administrators four hours of professional development, gives participants a deeper understanding of the issues facing Latinos today, including the social and financial obstacles that many students and their families must overcome to ensure success at the college level.

Experience a Day At Latino Promise

Students and their teachers, guidance counselors and other school administrators are invited to spend the day to learn what a day in the life of a Latino Promise student is like. Activities include sitting in during a college class, a tour around campus, a candid Q&A session with current students, and lunch at FDU’s cafeteria.

Bilingual Financial Aid Workshop

Led by FDU’s bilingual financial aid specialists, this workshop guides Latino students and their families through the complex federal and state financial aid processes to ensure that students receive the maximum aid possible. Latino Promise has conducted these workshops on FDU’s Metropolitan campus and at high schools in the area.

Latino Promise Summer Program

At Latino Promise, we are dedicated to ensuring the academic and professional success of young Hispanics. To that end, this summer, we have designed a three-week intensive workshop to get wait listed students over that final hurdle and prepare them for academic success.

This three-week summer program, for which there is no charge, helps students work on their Math, English and Study Skills. Upon successful completion of this summer program, Latino Promise faculty members reassess their application and grant them full admission into Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Latino Promise Program.

Classes meet on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10am to 1pm in July. This is a great opportunity for students to be admitted and is also a step in the right direction in reaching acceptable levels of academic achievement.

For more information about these services and events, please contact Latino Promise at (201) 692-2676 or