Jason Villamil

Founder | Director of Photography & Design

Jason Villamil, whose passion for photography is clear in the beautiful photos he took of our current Latino Promise students on this website, started his college career with Latino Promise in 2010. After completing the Latino Promise program in 2012, he began his coursework in Information Technology and Digital Humanities which led him to his full time career as a professional photographer and business owner. Today, Jason is one of the finest commercial and wedding photographers in New Jersey. He is the founder of Two Human Studios LLC.

His passion and love for photography is an addiction that has led him to capture amazing memories, such as weddings and new babies, and to engage in challenging corporate work. His art in photography has led him to capture many talented Latino artists, including Marc Anthony, Juanes, Romeo Santos, and many others. Check out Jason and his amazing work at www.jasonvillamilphotography.com.