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Become Certified in Wine with the New
Fairleigh Dickinson Online Wine Course


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Our online wine course started in January 2012

It was co-authored by Ron Kapon & Patricia Savoie

Tasting videos taught by Philippe Newlin


 This class is ideal for:

 Restaurant Sommeliers, Wine buyers and Wait staff; Executive Chefs, Sous Chefs, Banquet Chefs, Chefs, Cooks; Wine Importers and Distributors with sales reps to train; Convention Managers, Catering Directors; Meeting and Banquet Planners; Retail Wine and Liquor Store Staff and Owners


Benefits of the course:

~ Develop wine expertise and increase staff credibility
~ Impress clients and customers and increase wine sales
~ Learn wine the way people drink it -- by the grape, not by geographic area
~ New approaches to wine and food pairing  

Some of the subjects covered by this course:

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How Wine is Made

How to Taste Wine

White Wine

§  Chardonnay
§  Riesling
§  Sauvignon Blanc
§  Pinot Gris & Grigio

Red Wine

§  Cabernet Sauvignon
§  Merlot
§  Pinot Noir
§  Syrah and Shiraz

Important Wine Areas and Types

§  Bordeaux
§  Burgundy
§  Champagne and Sparkling Wine
§  Tuscany
§  Spain and Rioja

Additional Types of Wine

§  Sweet “Dessert” Wines
§  Fortified Wines
§  Sake
§  Important White Wine Grapes
§  Important Red Wine Grapes
§  Native Grapes

The Social Side of Wine

§  Wine and Food Pairing
§  Ordering Wine in Restaurants
§  Buying and Storing Wine
§  Wine and Health