ISHTM Study Abroad

Take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad. You can travel and study for a single course between semesters, or stay abroad for an entire semester.

Seminars and courses abroad

Travel between semesters to attend a seminar or take a single course.

European Seminar in Switzerland and Italy

Swiss Flag: Switzerland, the alpine wonderland. Students enrolled in the European Seminar class held in Switzerland, investigate management approaches, techniques and strategies, as practiced in the United States in specific areas of the hospitality industry such as human resources, organizational systems, law and environmental issues in contrast with their counterparts abroad.

In addition to attending management seminars, students tour outstanding hotel properties and are given an opportunity to experience Swiss food and beverage service. They go behind the scenes at various hotels like Interlaken's Victoria-Jungfrau Hotel and the Palace Hotel in Lucerne, both five-star hotels and members of the world-renowned Leading Hotels of the World.

Hotel in Engelberg, Switzerland The town of Engelberg, Switzerland serves as the School's location for its annual senior global seminar. It also is the leading mountain resort in central Switzerland, and lies in a high alpine valley. In the Middle Ages, Engelberg was known for the educational accomplishments of its Benedictine monastery, whose school once brought the valley fame in Switzerland. Since the 19th century, Engelberg has been internationally known as a resort and spa. Today it is visited as much for skiing as for its clean air: there are twenty-four ski lifts in the vicinity. With its combination of modern sports facilities and alpine location, Engelberg is a magnet for both summer and winter tourism. Less than an hour away by train (half an hour by car) lies the famous city of Lucerne with all its cultural and entertainment resources, while Switzerland's largest metropolis, Zurich, is only an hour's drive from Engelberg.

Costa Rica

ISHTM WP Costa Rica bridge Dr. Aixa Ritz, a professor in the International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, escorted a group of graduate and undergraduate hospitality and biology students on a cross discipline educational trip to Costa Rica.

Students attending the trip were enrolled in two classes which were Sustainable Tourism Development, taught by Dr. Ritz, and Tropical Forest Biology. Part of their coursework included visits to cloud and tropical forests, a meeting with the University of Costa Rica's tourism students to exchange perceptions of sustainable tourism development and environmental issues, and a night visit to the beach to observe turtles nesting. Faculty and students also shared an evening in a Costa Rican home for a farewell dinner which proved to be one of the highlights of the trip, as well as an extremely productive and valuable cross cultural educational experience.

Full-semester abroad

International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management students have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester at the locations listed below. Learn about other opportunities to study abroad at the FDU Study Abroad Office.

Chengdu, China

Experience a semester in Chengdu, China and participate in an internship with a regional or international hotel company during the summer months.

The Netherlands

TIO University

Students will study at oneof the most prestigious universities of applied sciences in The Netherlands. Tiocredits their success to being able to satisfy their student's educationalneeds by offering them a quality education. Tio receives much acclaim for their bachelor's course International Tourism Management. Tio has been elected the best university in The Netherlands for the past four years in a row, and furthermore, the bachelor's course Hotel and Event Management has been elected the best in hotel education.


University of Bergamo

Earn a dual graduate degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University and University of Bergamo (Italian: Università degli Studi di Bergamo). Students can earn an MS in Hospitality Management from FDU by completing their studies at FDU and an MA in Planning and Management of Tourism Systems by spending one fall semester in Bergamo with online courses the following spring semester.

Students would spend one semester in Bergamo, Italy which is located about 25 miles from Milan and 120 miles from Venice. The study abroad program in Bergamo follows the model already in use for Wroxton College in England. While in Italy, students will be enrolled at FDU; student loans and scholarships will apply to their studies at the Università di Bergamo. The cost for room and board in town is roughly equivalent to the costs in New Jersey. Students will share furnished apartments or get a room in the student residence hall.

Florence University of the Arts

Students will experience an exceptionally broad and stimulating curriculum that will feature experiential components such as educational field trips. Studying abroad at FUA is characterized by the institution's efforts in cultural integration. The institution's position places FUA in direct contact with the city's culture, movements, and events. The mission is to offer university level academics and services that not only bring about learning, but most importantly an active understanding, participation, and contribution to the city by students from all personal backgrounds and nationalities.

Apicius International School of Hospitality

Apicius reinterprets the concept of hospitality and tourism in the international destination of Florence, where the cityscape is teeming with traditional and contemporary structures sought by people from all over the world. APICIUS firmly believes in the importance of a cultural approach to hospitality by examining the unique context of cities and countries in a global framework. Hospitality should and must be enhanced by the local culture of a city.

Apicius believes that each student should go back home with a clear concept of Florence and Italy that includes a profound cultural understanding gained from integration with the city, its population, its art, and its culture. What the student receives from the experience is a life changed and new found understanding and perspective that they will carry in their hearts for the rest of their lives.