M.S. Foundation Courses

Foundation Courses are required coursework for students with non-hospitality degrees and limited or no prior hospitality work experience and are taken as free elective credit subjects. HRTM 6100 and HRTM 6200 should not be taken by students with degrees in hospitality or tourism, or with prior hospitality work experience.

HRTM 6100 Hospitality Operations Management (3 credits) - must be taken in the first semester as a free elective credit subject. Topics reviewed wil include Hospitality Operations Management, Food and Beverage Management, and Managerial Accounting. Students must develop a comprehensive Business Plan for a hospitality project that integrates these key areas to successfully complete the requirements for this course.

HRTM 6200 Tourism Destination Management (3 credits) - must be taken in the first semester as the second of the free elective coursework subjects. Topics reviewed will include Tourism, Sales and Marketing, and Human Resource Management. Case studies of various global Destination Marketing Organizations will be analyzed and discussed. The term project will consist of planning and developing a Tourism Destination Management project fo a chosen city in Canada or the USA.